5 Reasons Companies Should Give Out Customer Greeting Cards

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Wondering if you should send out customer greeting cards? Not sure how greeting cards can help your business? 

If you want to show your customers that you care about them, one of the best things you can do is to give out greeting cards during holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. Believe it or not, there are several different advantages to doing this, so it can be well worth the time and effort. 

If you're trying to decide if sending out greeting cards is right for your business, read on. Here's why your company should give out greeting cards to customers. 

1. Increase Customer Loyalty 

One of the best things about sending greeting cards to customers is that it can help you to build more customer loyalty

It's important that you build ongoing relationships with customers if you want to have a business that stands the test of time. When you send out greeting cards to customers your business will be more likely to stay at the top of their minds. They'll also trust your business more and will feel a greater connection to your company. 

2. Build Better Customer Connections 

Many companies seem cold and impersonal to the average client or customer, and few of them feel a connection to the brand as a result. Sending a greeting card is one of the best opportunities a company has to build a closer connection with customers in a more down-to-earth way. 

Especially if your company sends out handwritten cards or goes the extra mile to personalize it, sending a greeting card can be very useful for building a stronger connection with a valued client or customer. 

3. Strengthen Your Brand 

When you include logos or branding graphics on the greeting card you send out, it serves as a great way to get your brand in front of a customer's eyes once again. Especially if they have been printed professionally by a professional company, greeting cards can be helpful for building more brand awareness. 

If you do this well your customers will remember your brand much better when compared to your competitors and will think of your company first when they look for the type of goods or services you provide. 

4. Use Word-of-Mouth Marketing 

In addition to getting your brand in front of the eyes of previous customers and clients, they likely won't be the only people who see or hear about your greeting card. Because receiving a personalized greeting card from a company is a bit unusual, customers may show it to their family or friends or even post about it on social media. 

As a result, your business may get some great word-of-mouth and may win over some brand new customers. 

5. Take the Subtle Approach 

Many companies are pushy and "in-your-face" with marketing efforts and many customers tend to ignore the average billboard, radio, or print advertisement. 

By sending out greeting cards, your company can market itself without seeming overly aggressive to customers. Giving out customer greeting cards can be a great option for marketing your business in a subtle and understated way. 

Making the Decision to Give Out Customer Greeting Cards 

Sending greeting cards to customers offers a surprising amount of advantages and by doing so you'll be able to build stronger customer loyalty along with a better brand. Be sure that you consider the above list if you're wondering whether giving out greeting cards is right for your company 

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