Family Orbit : An App To Monitor Your Child's Phone

family orbit smartphone app parental control monitor child phone

Family orbit is an app from the USA to monitor your child's phone. Children using cell phones is necessary nowadays but it is also important to monitor their activities so they do not get into any trouble. You will know when and where they use their phone for their own safety, as well as you will know whom they are engaging with. 

Family orbit is compatible with the Android operating system and also iPhone operating system (IOS). At the family orbit, our mission is to provide you with a useful app to deal with your children's interaction with the digital world. By monitoring your child, you can stop them from bullying, predation and abuse. 

Family orbit apps key features enable you to monitor your child's phone usage. We should be the ones who control our mobile, only fair usage to the extent when it's under control. You can locate your child's real-time location. You will even have access to instantly lock or unlock your child's device remotely. You can block their usage to particular sites that you don't want them to use. 

Family orbit lets you access their text messages, check call records, photos, websites they visit, Whatsapp activity and address book. Our customers love using our app and have a really positive experience, and you should be aware of any scammers while purchasing the app. It is a best tool to stop them from bullying

Family orbit app contains an app and website blocking features in its android version, you can only monitor the app and website activities on iPhone. You can also receive speed alerts if your child's are driving recklessly. 

At family orbit we offer a 7-day free trial, so you can experience it yourself and make a better decision. Family orbit app purchase plans are monthly and another for annum. Family orbit monthly pricing plan will cost you $19.95 only, and the other will cost you $89.95 per annum, and you can use them on up to 3 devices. 

Family orbit enables you to schedule your child's whole daily mobile phone usage, bed time, dinner time and school time. You just need to buy the family orbit app, create a family orbit account and install the app on your child's devices. 

With family orbit you just need one account for your whole family, you will receive alerts and notifications on a regular basis, and your personal data is always safe within our premises. 

Family orbit iPhone monitoring app does not need to be installed in child's phone. You can use on iPhone, iPod and iPad. 78% teens have cell phones and 37% of them have access to apps which parents don't want them to use, and 81% of them use social media, so they might be at risk. That is why you need apps like family orbit. 

Family orbit official site provides support to parents about parental monitoring, they are available to answer your questions. You can also mail us at Contact, we usually answer all queries within 24 hours.

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