9 Employee Appreciation Ideas On A Budget

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Employee appreciation is a vital part of running a successful and profitable business. To make your company grow, you need happy employees who work hard toward helping you make a profit. One of the things that you can do to build up this loyalty is to create a culture of employee appreciation. While you don’t need to reward staff with new cars and luxurious vacations, it is important to let each person know how much you value their contributions. Here are 9 frugal employee appreciation ideas that won't break the bank for new businesses: 

9 Affordable Employee Appreciation Ideas For New Businesses

1. Order Lunch For Your Employees 

New businesses often have smaller numbers of people working for them. Ordering lunch for your employees is a great way to show them that you appreciate their hard work. It's also an easy way to get everyone together. If you are trying to show your staff you appreciate the work they are putting in, send out a menu and let each person pick their favorite foods. You can even order drinks and offer healthy selections and options for people with food allergies. 

2. Provide Snacks And Drinks In The Office 

When people are working long days they don’t always take enough breaks. This is especially true for salaried employees. Providing drinks and snacks in the office gives people a reason to get away from their desks even if it is just long enough to grab something tasty from the breakroom. Plus snacks can help improve productivity and create a healthier environment for your employees. You can even offer different snack boxes and food boxes that provide a comforting pick-me-up at any time of the day. 

3. Give Each Employee A Bonus 

Even a small bonus can go a long way toward creating loyalty and goodwill in your business. If someone exceeds sales goals or the team works together to create an amazing product for a client who keeps coming back for more, then use bonuses to reward these people for their efforts. You might want to up the marketing budget, but before you do that, reward your most valuable resources, your employees. 

4. Send Flowers For Special Occasions 

Flowers are a great way to say thank you, or for special occasions. They can be sent to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, or just as an expression of gratitude for a job well done. If someone on your team has done an excellent job, sending flowers is an affordable way to show your thankfulness to them. Plus, sending them on a special occasion lets individuals know that you value them as a person. 

5. Send Gift Cards 

If you are on a budget and can't afford to buy your employees luxury gifts, consider sending them gift cards instead. Gift cards are a great option because they allow the recipient to choose whatever they want from a store or establishment. They can use it during their free time as well, and not just during work hours or for work-related events. You can also get creative with other types of nonwork events like movie theaters or department stores to ensure that people understand that the gift card is to appreciate them. 

6. Create A Space Where Employees Can Relax 

Create an employee lounge area with comfortable seating and games, books, magazines, and other items to keep employees entertained during breaks. This inviting space is a great way to improve employee engagement because it gives them an opportunity to rest in between long working hours. Newer companies should have a space that’s comfortable and has at least a few things to encourage staff to stop working during their breaks. 

7. Company Coffee Mugs 

If your staff runs on java, then a coffee mug is the perfect way to show appreciation. You can easily order these from local vendors with your company logo and a fun quote on it. Showing appreciation doesn’t need to be expensive. 

8. Small Monthly Prizes For Employees Who Suggest Cost-Saving Ideas 

People love prizes. Offering monthly prizes can be an affordable way to reward staff and show your appreciation for their cost-saving ideas. By rewarding their creativity you encourage more people to speak up in the future with more ways to save money. 

9. A Thank You Card From The CEO 

Having a thank you card from the person at the top is a great way to show appreciation. It costs very little, but for a startup crew, can be just the right message to communicate that their work matters. It will make the worker feel that they really matter and are seen.

Cost-Conscious Employee Appreciation Ideas Conclusion 

Showing your workers that you appreciate them is crucial to maximizing retention, productivity, and morale. Keep these ideas in mind for affordable appreciation options that don't break the bank.

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