Crop The Excess To Leave The Best With Video Editing

video editing cropping excess

Social media platforms have been booming lately as a lot of users are coming up with mind-blowing content strategies. These strategies include ideas that could be in form of a picture, text, or even better, a video. You could keep scrolling down your feed for hours consumed by the entertaining content on there. 

Extensive research shows that videos spark interest and drive more attention than texts and images. The stats could be reaching as high as 1200%. Videos keep the audience engaged, and evoke emotions and actions to repost, like, or comment. Videos keep glued on a particular post for while – long enough to make you take decisions you never had a plan of taking at the start of the day. 

But how then can we take this golden tool to our advantage? 

I am guessing your first choice was to make a video. Well, you are correct, but it goes beyond just taking a mobile device or a camera and pressing play. What makes that dream work is Video Editing. 

What Is Video Editing? 

This may not be Video Editing 101, but this is just a quick reminder of how vital it can be. Video editing involves manipulating videos, it could be one or two, or even three, to produce something new. There are many aspects to video editing, and each of these aspects is performed at intervals, one after the other to create a masterpiece worth posting online. These aspects could be cropping, merging, creating a synergy among videos, transitions, graphics, effects, color, style, music, adding a viewpoint, etc. 

One of the most underrated aspects of video editing is cropping. It goes a long way to making your video suitable to be displayed on social media channels. 

Cropping A Video 

Cropping is an editing tool that allows you to adjust videos to display the areas you want visible. It could be the overall length of the video or some parts of the video. Cropping allows you to cut out parts you do not need, like a watermark, or lines that appear at the edges of the video. It could also change the aspect ratio of the video. 

Cropping is a known term for editing images. You could take a picture, apply the crop function, and reduce the size of the picture by just cutting out the unwanted parts you don’t need. The same principle applies to the cropping of videos. 

We often mistake cropping for other editing aspects like Trimming and cutting. Although they appear similar, they are quite different in functionality. Trimming allows you to reduce the length of a video. You can cut off the beginning part, or cut off the end, leaving you the desired content you wish to display. On the other hand, Cutting involves cutting off a particular part of your video, not just at the beginning or end, but in the middle. 

The great thing is cropping is quite easy. You can crop a video within minutes, most especially depending on the Video Cropper tool you use. There are a couple out there, but if you are a fan of simplicity and effectiveness you can use Online Video Cropper. It only takes a few steps to achieve the desired video you want to create. 

Cropping The Excess 

Cropping the excess out of your video can be the first step you need to take to get your video started in the right direction. It automatically cuts off the excess areas of your video to focus on a specific area. And it starts by: 

Uploading Your Video File 

To get started, you need to have made a video you wish to edit. It could be a long video, or it could be a short video. You can save this file on your system or mobile device in the following formats, e.g MP4, M4V, AVI, MOV, WMV, 3GP, WEBM. You can upload the video from your system or device onto the software. 

Using The Crop Tool 

The crop tool has predefined size ratios you can choose from. Cropping is all about reducing the size, or rather, the aspect ratios of a particular video. You will find the crop icon or tool at the top panel of the software interface. When you click on it, it will display your video and the various aspect ratios in the crop area, like, 1:1, 4:3, 16:9, etc. You can choose from the above or create the custom ratio you need. Let the box contain the necessary areas you need to be shown and save your work. 

Cropping Conclusion 

Cropping out the excess brings out the best in video editing because it helps you control what the views should focus on. It not only removes the excess but magnifies a particular area of your video. Moreover, social media platforms have specific aspect ratios for their videos and images, cropping your video makes it fit perfectly to stand out among others on the platform.

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