5 Great Gifts For The Busy Entrepreneur

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Know a motivated entrepreneur in your life that refuses to be slowed down? If you do, then you already know that they are always in the market for ways to get a step ahead of their competition. Not only does this allow the business to grow, but it also makes them better at their jobs. If you are shopping for a special event, then you already know how tough it can be to find a gift that will wow your recipient. 

Here is the thing about entrepreneurs; they tend to be extremely passionate. They are also super driven and most of all, many are willing to go the lengths to get their business on the map. With this in mind, you must be on the hunt for a gift that can provide them relief or one that can elevate them further to greatness. 

Decision fatigue is real so if you are struggling to decide on which gift to get, it is completely understandable. To help you out though, here are 5 great gifts for the busy entrepreneur. These gifts will be sure to bring a smile to your loved ones face all while helping to take their business ventures, whatever they may be, to the next level: 

Essential Oils 

Scientific evidence has always pointed towards aromatherapy’s capability to alter moods, as well as boost one’s health. An entrepreneur’s life is anything but smooth sailing- it is a high adrenaline life that is characterized by extreme highs and lows. That’s partly what makes the journey of starting a business so exhilarating. 

With essential oils, the entrepreneur in your life can create little serene spa-like moments when they need to or on the go. Examples of great essential oils for entrepreneurs include: 

·  Frankincense: Great for overall cellular health as well as overall wellness. 

·  Lavender: Lavender is great for stress and tension relief. 

·  Copaiba: You should take Copaiba whenever you need to feel calm and relaxed. 

·  Peppermint: Peppermint can be rubbed on one’s neck for natural relief from body aches and headaches. 

·  Spearmint: Is the confidence-inducing oil. If you know someone that gives public speeches often, spearmint would be the perfect match. 

A Dartboard 

A dartboard can provide the perfect distraction at home or the office whenever the recipient requires some downtime from their super busy schedule. A dartboard is as good as a stress ball because it can help the entrepreneur in your life deal with any pre or post-meeting frustrations; you wouldn’t believe your unbelievably effective it is. 

When it comes to physicality, darts require accuracy, balance, and focus, which are all the components needed to make a great entrepreneur. Darts also provide much-needed exercise for one’s brain. 

Like card counting games that require the player to card count to determine the odds, darts also require players to keep track of their scores so that they can determine which targets are worth hitting. For entrepreneurs, darts are an excellent way to keep the brain active even when one is seemingly on their downtime. 

A Coffee Maker 

Can you afford to splurge a little? Why not go for something tested and tried such as a high-quality coffee maker. We all know that coffee is the fodder of most great entrepreneurs. Whether your loved one prefers cold brews, drip pour-over, or espresso coffee, there is a coffee maker out there that will suit their taste. 

And the price range is just as varied too. If you are looking to splurge, there are some great selections out there in the market. However, if you are shopping on a budget but are still looking to impress, you will be spoilt for choice by the array of budget-friendly options to choose from. This is one gift that will not disappoint a coffee-loving entrepreneur. 

A Quality Gravity Blanket 

Give the entrepreneur in your life the gift of quality sleep with a superior gravity blanket. Gravity or weighted blankets are designed to give the feeling of a warm hug, which in turn induces deep sleep. Gravity blankets come in all shapes and sizes and many are affordable, which is probably why they’ve grown in popularity over the past few years. 

Gravity blankets are also designed to help you relax and they are invaluable during cold weather. What better gift is there than a giant and loving hug after a long exhausting day in the corporate world? 

A Pair Of Noise-Canceling Headphones 

Whether your entrepreneur carries out a lot of online videocalls or they prefer to work in noisy places such as coffee shops, a pair of noise-canceling headphones could be just what the entrepreneur in your life needs to focus a little more on. Noise-canceling headphones are a huge asset for entrepreneurs that need to work remotely or on the go as they create the perfect distraction-free environment needed to focus. 

There are plenty of headphone brands that you can choose from, which is great for anyone looking for an impressive gift in a pinch. Even the ones that aren’t necessarily gold standard are still great and do a pretty decent job of keeping one’s environment silent. Buy them online but ensure that you only do so if you are dealing with a trusted and reputable vendor.  

5 More Great Gift Ideas For Busy Business Professionals 

Not sure if the above gifts will satisfy the busy entrepreneur in your life? Consider these 5 great gifts as well:

- The best unique phone cases for their expensive new smartphones

- Top t-shirts from Teerex Tees for casual Friday or working from home

- Smartphone 5G protector from https://thezenconnect.com/ to keep them protected

- Smartphone cleaning and disinfecting wipes for clear screens and clean hygiene

- Coffee!! 

Don't forget the gift of caffeine for your busy entrepreneur to keep them going and their business growing!

Final Thoughts On Gifts For Entrepreneurs

You’re already aware of this, but it needs to be said anyway- you don’t always need a special occasion to shop for a loved or special someone. However, just in case you are shopping for a special occasion such as a grand opening, a product or service launch or an intimate occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, these gift ideas above have got your covered. 

Whether the busy entrepreneur that you are gifting is a coworker, your boss, or your significant other, it is not surprising if you draw a blank trying to find a unique gift that they haven’t already received. Even if you are shopping for an entrepreneur in a field that you don’t quite understand, these ideas have got you covered. You’re welcome!

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