5 Technologies Redefining The Casino Industry

technologies redefining casino industry gambling tech

The gambling, sector online gambling to be specific, has undergone some of the biggest developments and transformations since the advent of the world wide web. In the past couple of years, the gambling sector has grown by leaps and bounds and the multi-billion-dollar industry keeps expanding, with no signs of slowing down thanks to innovative technologies. 

In the last couple of years, mobile casino apps have exploded in various corners of the world, which is sufficient proof that the world is quickly accepting gambling as a viable hobby. From the US to China and the United Kingdom, the stories are similar; technology has boosted gambling’s popularity and its appeal, which explains why it is drawing users in their masses. 

Tales of computers beating their human competitors at complex games once reserved for humans such as chess have been highly publicized in the last few years. It was just a matter of time until the casino industry caught on. Technologies that were once the fodder of dystopian fantasy movies and fiction novels are now being used to drive growth in the sector. 

As technology continues to expand at exponential speeds, the trill and appeal will only keep growing thanks to increased visual stimuli, augmented creativity, and increased customer satisfaction. Some of these advancements, such as AI and virtual reality, have already taken root and it would be impossible to imagine a casino experience without them. If you are keen on understanding just how impactful technology is in the casino industry, here are 5 technologies that are redefining the industry: 

Artificial Intelligence 

Yes- the robots have taken over- even in the gambling sphere. The casino industry is increasingly relying on and incorporating AI in its operations. For instance, Casinos rely on AI to predict their customer’s gambling habits as well as personalize their promotion offers to keep them hooked. 

According to Kate Huber at njgamblingfun.com, ‘’the casino industry is utilizing artificial intelligence to profile their customers as well as predict their gambling behaviours in ways that will frighten you. Artificial Intelligence may have been the stuff of fictional movies, but this technology is here to stay and there is nothing anyone can do to escape it’’. 

Casinos are using AI to scrutinize their customers’ every action online, every click made each page view and transaction completed so that online advertisements can be targeted and pushed to the gamblers that are more likely to respond, react or engage with the ad. 

And that’s not all. AI is also being used to improve customer service experiences at casinos. Advance bots that are AI-powered are utilized to offer customers personalized and more relevant answers to their concerns and queries. Although it is impossible to gauge how the effects of AI will impact the industry in the future, it is evident that AI is here to stay. 

Virtual Reality 

Did you ever envision that one day you would be able to go to the casino without, actually going to the casino? That’s the beauty of virtual reality in the casino industry. Originally reserved as fodder for Hollywood fictional box office movies, virtual reality is completely transforming the way people gamble today. 

Virtual reality really does put the real in reality, offering individuals a chance to enjoy the casino environment at home no fuss no moss; it is the only technology capable of allowing this. Virtual reality gives the gambler more immersive and interactive experiences that are better than popular 2D or 3D online gambling platforms. 

Blockchain Technology 

If you have heard of cryptocurrencies, then you may know more a little about blockchain more than you think. Data Blockchain is one of those technologies that have been disrupting several sectors including gambling. Simply put, this technology allows data to be transferred and recorded without middlemen. 

Blockchain technology is also tamper-proof, irreversible, and transparent, which is explains why it has so easily been incorporated into all spheres of contemporary life- gambling’s no expectation. In the gambling sector where entertainment and finance are synonymous, blockchain technology is invaluable. 

First and foremost, it provides gamblers an efficient payment method through cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Such payment methods eliminate middlemen like banks or credit card agencies from any transactions done on betting websites, poker rooms, lotteries, and many more. 

Cashless Payment Systems 

Before, gamblers only had a handful of payment methods to choose from, which were often lengthy and cumbersome. However, thanks to technologies such as eWallets, gamblers now have a lot more options to choose from. Most of these new methods are not only far more convenient than traditional ones, but they are also safer and much faster. 

Traditional brick and mortar casinos were incapable of offering such transaction luxuries for their customers in the past. These new payment methods have brought with them a fresh breath of air that allows gamblers to make cashless transactions no matter where in the world they are located. 

The Internet Of Things 

The internet of things has now pervaded every aspect of modern life from security and our workplaces to online gambling. In the broadest sense, the internet of things allows devices to communicate with one another. These devices include sensors, software, and electronics that can share and gather information at scales that would have been unfathomable 30 years ago. 

By allowing devices to communicate with each other, it then allows game operators and software developers to collect a broader collection of information so that actions can be more accurate. What this then does is allow gambling operators and their teams of software developers to create more advanced games containing top of the line features that will, in turn, keep their customers hooked. 

Final Thoughts On The Casino Industry

While we can only wait and see what the future of gambling will look like, it is already evident that the possibilities are endless. Thanks to continuous technological advancements, we have only achieved a fraction of what is possible, which is good news for gamblers everywhere. Not only to technological advancements in the sector allow for a better gambling experience, but it also assures growth in a sector that should constantly be advancing.

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