What To Know About A Premise Liability Lawsuit

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These cases are somehow linked to slide and fall as they are considered to belong under that group. Still, there are several situations under premise liability such as fires, dog bites, leaks and floods, poor premise maintenance, swimming pools calamities among others. The property owner is the person responsible for keeping their premises well maintained to eliminate the chances of injuries. That said, a personal injury law firm in OKC has mastered the art of handling premise liability related issues. 

It is a team made of brilliant attorneys who prioritizes their clients right and you can be sure that they won`t stop until you are awarded for the damage caused to you. In other words, you need such attorneys who have your interest at heart. Proceed to discover how a premise liability lawsuit works below: 

Understanding The Process Of A Premise Liability Lawsuit 

In this case, the complainer otherwise known as the plaintiff affirms that a worse state of a premise prompted the injury so the property manager or owner is considered the culprit. Premise liability is the property operator / property owner's legal obligation for the injuries caused due to bad conditions of the property. Such cases are quite common in open spaces and structures and entail accidents as a result of sliding and fall, falling structures / equipment, fires, insecurity related issues, construction sites and so on. 

What The Plaintiff (Injured) Party Needs To Assert 

The nature of the premise liability lawsuit differs based on the state. This is why you need to first check your jurisdiction laws. Nevertheless, the injured person has to prove the following; 

• That the defendant or the person responsible for the injury is the operator or the owner of the property in question 

• That you the complainant was injured 

• That the person who caused the injury was reckless therefore causing the accident 

• That the negligence of the accused was the key reason why you were injured 

Let`s Expound On Each Point 

1st Point - That The Defendant Is The Premise Owner 

You have to provide reliable information to prove that the accused is indeed the owner of that property. This is because property owners or operators are fully obligated to keep their property in good condition depending on the anticipated use. 

2nd Point - That The Complainer Was Injured 

You can`t file a case if there is nothing showing that you were harmed. For instance, you can use a testimony or documents indicating that you have undergone treatment. Medical bills can also be used and any information showing how the injuries have affected your life 

3rd Point - That The Person Who Caused The Injury Was Reckless Therefore Causing The Accident 

There must be evidence to back up your claim that the defendant was reckless. Recklessness is considered a crime therefore the culprit is held accountable for any injuries in civil courts. This is why it is a necessity for you to convince the court that the defendant failed in maintaining the required standards in regard to their property. You need a well-informed attorney to achieve this, for instance, attorneys from a personal injury law firm in Oklahoma City. In simple terms, you have to prove the defendant's fault. 

4th Point - That The Negligence Of The Accused Was The Key Reason Why You Were Injured 

In line with this, it’s argued that it’s the duty of the defendant to warn of any impending danger. It is expected that a property owner should be in a position to identify an impending danger if they check the nature of the property regularly.

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