How To Build A Strong Premise Liability Claim

how to build strong premise liability claim

You can file a premise liability claim if you suffered injuries and other damage on someone else’s premises due to their carelessness. The tort law requires the property owner to compensate you for the damage you sustained in the accident. 

Some damages you can recover in a premise liability lawsuit include pain and suffering, hospital bills, mental anguish, damaged personal items like a watch or a phone, lost current and future earnings, and much more. It would be best if you built a strong case to increase your chances of getting compensation. 

Here are strategies to strengthen your premise liability claim. 

1. Contact A Lawyer 

One of the important things that should come to mind when you are injured from an accident due to the premise owner's negligence is to contact a lawyer. Filing a compensation lawsuit isn't a walk in the park because it involves many legal aspects. If you walk alone, you might make several mistakes that may hurt your compensation. It is therefore crucial to find a legal expert to provide you with advice and guidance. 

Hiring a lawyer can help you to build a strong premise liability claim in many ways. They will ensure you file the case on time. The state has developed timelines for the various personal injury cases to be filed. A delay in filing your premise liability lawsuit may hurt your compensation. In the worst-case scenario, your claim may be declared void. A lawyer will walk with you to ensure all steps are completed on time, thus strengthening your case. 

You also need to know that lawyers learn about negotiation during professional training. They later enhance these skills by servicing clients. Hiring a lawyer to represent you in court will help top bargain for the right compensation. 

Furthermore, the premise owner will likely use a law expert to defend themselves against the claim. It makes perfect sense to have a lawyer to ensure you aren't deprived of your right and better compensation. Ensure you choose an experienced attorney from a reputable law firm. 

2. Take Photos Of The Accident 

Building a strong premise liability claim requires gathering and documenting enough evidence. You can only win the case with it. One of the efficient ways to document accident evidence is to take photographs of the scene. This helps show the exact conditions on the ground at the time of the accident. 

Apart from the accident scene, take pictures of your injuries. With proper care, your wounds will heal with time. If it takes longer for the case hearing to start, your injuries might have healed by then. But with photos, you can produce evidence of the accident even after your injuries have disappeared. 

Take photographs immediately after the accident before the premise owner fixes the problems. If you suffered severe injuries and can't take photos, look for someone around to assist with the task. 

premises liability

3. Seek Medication 

Visiting a hospital after an accident is necessary to improve your recovery and health. It will also play a crucial role in strengthening your premise liability claim. You will present the medical reports from your doctor as evidence of your injuries. 

Besides, the hospital will provide medication bills with details of every payment you have used in treatment. This helps streamline the process of finding the value of your lawsuit and total compensation. 

Present medical reports to ensure your case is valid, as it might seem like you are trying to fake your injuries. Therefore, request your doctor to provide all the information to help prove beyond any reasonable doubt about the accident and your injuries. 

4. Find Witnesses 

You will also want to have witnesses to build your premise liability case. Also known as eyewitnesses, these individuals saw what led to the accident and how it occurred. You can use them to provide additional evidence for your case. 

Immediately after you are involved in an accident, look around to see whether you can find a few people. After getting hold of them, request them to be your witnesses. If they agree, take their names and contact information to ensure your lawyer can reach out to them when they are required to testify in court. 

Top Takeaways On Premise Liability Claims 

Filing a premise liability lawsuit can be overwhelming, especially for first-timers. Even the experienced ones sometimes need clarification along the way. You won't find justice if you fail to implement the right strategies when seeking justice. 

As you have seen in this article, there are several ways to strengthen your premise liability lawsuit. Working with a personal injury lawyer, taking photos, seeking medication, and finding witnesses will help you build a strong case and receive your compensation.

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