Property Dispute Resolution In Dubai

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For the resolution of property disputes in Dubai, the only way you should move towards is the property dispute court. This is because the property court in Dubai has all the jurisdictions over the UAE property disputes and other matters that are related to the real estate. 

It is to be noted here that the disputes that are related to other decrees or laws do not come under the property court. So, if you find yourself in a problem which involves other laws along with property matters, you should consult the lawyers in UAE to guide you about the matter. 

For property dispute resolution, the only court that you should refer to is property court. The property dispute lawyers in Dubai can also be a huge ray of light for those indulged in property disputes since ever. 

Levels Of Courts 

There are basically three levels of the court which are as follows; 

- First instance 
- Court of appeal 
- Court of cessation 

As per the need of the time, you can appeal to all the three court levels as well but it will take quite a long time. For the whole case to proceed and reach to an end, two years might be needed before the issuance of a legal judgment. 

Appointing real estate experts When the real estate matters are taken to the court, the judges may appoint the experts of real estate so that they can assist them if needed in some of the technical matters. 

Document Submission 

While filing the case, all the submitted documents should be in the Arabic language. If not, they must be translated in Arabic through an authorized translator. 

Execution Judge 

After the enforceable judgment, the matter is taken to the execution judge. 

Fee For Filing A Property Dispute Case 

For filing the case before the court of the first instance, the fee needed is AED 40,000. If there are more than one contracts associated with the issue, the fee may get increased as well. 

The party who gets succeeded can be able to recover a meager amount of the legal fees. 

Dubai Property Court 

For all your property disputes, you should consult the property lawyers in Dubai. They are extremely qualified and are experienced enough to guide you about such legal matters. Referring to the property court for real estate disputes is preferred because there are good chances of decision making rather than that of the arbitration. All you need is to file your complaint to the concerned court and wait until the decision is made. 

There is no doubt in the fact that Dubai property matters are costly and time taking to deal with. That can be considered one of the reasons why people first try to handle the matter between themselves. But when they see things going out of the hand, they see nowhere to go other than property court. 

HHS Lawyers in Dubai are working really well to solve the property disputes in the best possible way. So, make sure you choose the best one to resolve your matter.

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