How Do Criminal Lawyers Help During Assault Charges

how do criminal lawyers help during assault charges

Assault charges include domestic violence, assault and battery, murder and homicide, negligent homicide, sexual assault, and rape. An assault includes actions wherein a person moves, touches, or strikes another person. Also, assault involves applying a force of any kind, directly or indirectly, to another person without consent or fraudulent consent. 

If you're facing an assault charge, it’s essential to hire a criminal lawyer to fight for your rights and ensure that your best interests are protected. Watch this video below to learn more about how a criminal lawyer can help you. 

Below are some helpful ways a criminal lawyer can help during an assault charge: 

Help You Face Common Assault And Aggravated Assault 

Criminal lawyers are knowledgeable about assault charges, like common assault and aggravated assault. A criminal lawyer can help you determine what type of assault charge to apply for a particular case or situation. 

In addition to what was mentioned before, an assault also includes gestures or bodily acts that threaten or attempt to harm another person, such as applying heat, gases, light, odor, chemicals, or any substance that may cause personal discomfort or injury. On the other hand, an aggravated assault includes aggravating circumstances, including violence in the presence of a child, or the victim was more than 60 years old. 

Here are some ways a criminal lawyer can help you when you're facing these types of charges: 

● When the police arrest you, you don't have to undergo a video-recorded interview. Ask to talk to your criminal lawyer before answering questions. 

● A criminal lawyer can help reduce possible fines and imprisonment. The maximum penalty for a common assault is a fine of up to $18,000 and imprisonment for 18 months. 

● A criminal lawyer can help you assess the possible defenses you can use, such as self- defense, accident, provocation, insanity, identity dispute, lawful authority, legal technicalities, and emergency. 

Help Offenders Gain Insight In Various Domestic Circumstances 

If you’ve been accused and charged after a recent domestic dispute with your partner and reconciled after, but the dispute gave rise to an assault or the restraining breach, you may be entitled to enter the Family Violence Court Program. It aims to rehabilitate accused people to gain good insights on how to respond to a different offending domestic circumstance through counseling. 

A guilty plea is required to be eligible for the said program. However, if you don't agree to admit with the offense, you can hire a criminal lawyer from Criminal Barristers to help you enter through the program. Trusted and reputable criminal lawyers know the ins and outs of family law to help you avoid aggravating consequences. 

When an accuse enters the Family Violence Court program, it’s listed as the first instance or referred in from the prosecution or the investigating officer. Sometimes, the police prosecution or the court cannot identify that the offending behavior resulted from a domestic dispute, so certain charges cannot go through the program. 

A criminal lawyer will give you legal advice about the implications of the facts, and whether you should choose to enter the Family Violence Court Program or not. 

criminal lawyers help assault charges law expertise

Determine The Possible Defenses When Facing Vehicular Assault Charges 

Vehicular assault is considered a form of assault, involving the use of a car or vehicle to threaten or cause harm to another person. Road rage is an angry or aggressive behavior exhibited by a car driver, which can lead to a criminal penalty for assault. 

A trusted and reputable criminal lawyer knows the possible defenses you can use to dispute traffic or driving violation charges. Because of changes in traffic provisions, a good lawyer can give you updated information and any law amendments, as well as road safety. 

It is important to hire a criminal lawyer when you are facing a reckless driving case involving aggravating factors. Remember, you need to talk to a criminal lawyer before participating in a video recorded interview at the police station. 

Regardless if you are facing a criminal offense or a road traffic offense, you need to speak to a criminal lawyer. Be firm to assert your rights of silence because undergoing an interview may result in self-incrimination. A criminal lawyer will help you know the full repercussions of your omissions or admissions. 

Here are some examples of aggravating circumstances when facing a traffic violation or reckless driving case: 

● Unlawfully driving a vehicle without the owner's consent 
● Exceeding the speed limit of the road or location 
● Escaping a police officer's pursuit 

Help You Face Business Criminal Charges 

Crimes in the workplace, business, or government entities also take place. Also, unethical behaviors by business people can lead to criminal charges, such as neglect or workplace incidents caused by non-compliance to acceptable working standards. It is undeniable that sexual assaults also happen in the workplace. That is why you need a criminal defense lawyer to help assess your case and provide you the best legal options. 

Provide Legal Advice When Facing Sexual Assault 

Indecent and sexual behavior that’s contrary to the standards of decency can lead to a sexual assault. Victims of sexual assault deal with physical injuries and emotional trauma. Also, injuries may include abrasions, sexually-transmitted diseases, depression, unwanted pregnancies, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Criminal lawyers can help victims of sexual assault seek justice and get just compensation to cover expenses. On the other hand, for those who are facing a sexual assault charge, a criminal lawyer can help identify if the circumstantial evidence or other pieces of evidence are valid to pursue a settlement or a case. 


Criminal lawyers can help you with any assault charge you or your loved one is facing right now. It will help weigh your case if you need to plead guilty or not guilty. 

A lawyer will assess your case and investigate the possible defenses of your assault charge to ensure your rights and best interests are protected. You will have peace of mind that your case will be handled by an expert in criminal law.

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