Is Rear-Ending Always Your Fault In A Traffic Collision?

is rear-ending always your fault in traffic collision car crash insurance

A lot of people might not be aware of this, but rear-end accidents tend to be much more common than they think. They tend to be the most common type of traffic accident that occurs throughout the state as well as the country. 

Due to the high frequency and possibilities of this accident, it is best to understand the nature of the rear-end accidents. 

Understanding The Rear-End Accidents 

A rear-end collision usually occurs when one car or any vehicle directly collides into the back of the vehicle in front of it. This can happen due to following reasons: 

• Hard Braking 

This causes the leading driver to slam the brakes too quickly and hard, due to which the vehicle at a normal or even slow speed at the back might collide. 

• Hard Acceleration 

Quick acceleration, due to confusion between brakes and accelerator, or just lack of attention 

• Lack Of Concentration 

Not noticing the slowing down of the traffic. 

• Unsafe And Reckless Driving 

Driving above the speed limit and breaking all the rules of traffic 

• Tailgating 

Hardly any distance between you and the next vehicle 

• Not Being Able To See Clearly 

Anyone with poor vision and no glasses can be involved in this, or someone under the influence might not be able to see clearly. 

• Being Distracted Or Not Attentive 

The second a driver loses concentration and becomes less attentive to the road, and then there are more chances of rear-end accidents as well as other collisions. 

It is important to understand that people in read-end accidents tend to suffer a lot of injuries as well. The most common repercussion of getting rear-ended which has occurred due to this is whiplash. This can damage the neck or back in many ways. 

Such injuries can be minor but also major, due to which the rules and regulations need to be taken seriously to be on the safe side; make sure you have a rear end accident lawyer in Lexington, KY

Causes Of A Typical Rear-End Accident Or Collision 

As mentioned above, there are many reasons why read end accidents occur. However, there are other factors that tend to cause these as well. 

The driver being unattentive is one thing, but the driver under the influence of any substance or drug is something else, and it isn't only dangerous but also illegal in many states. 

Moreover, many drivers might be tired from the fatigue of daily driving, due to which they might lose their concentration and end up causing a collision. 

Who Is At Fault? 

Considering all the information above, it is important to understand that the rear drivers aren't always the reason for the collision or rear-end accidents to occur. The lead driver being irresponsible, losing concentration and hitting the brakes, or making the wrong turn can easily lead to such collisions. Hence, not only the rear-ending drivers are at fault, but also the lead ones can be liable and to blame. 

Collision Costs Conclusion 

There are an extremely high number of automobile accidents that occur due to rear-end collisions. Considering this, one should always be aware of the things to keep in mind to avoid such collisions. 

The repercussions and physical injuries can be painful, so one should always be vigilant while driving their vehicles. Rear-ending drivers aren't always at fault, so it is important to keep in mind the driving pattern of the vehicle in front of you as well. Make sure you maintain a safe distance while driving to avoid accidents and subsequent accident reports.

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