Top 3 Website Design Tips

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These days, there is nothing more important to a business than a high quality, professional looking website. A web page is often the first thing that a potential client interacts with. A stellar site can win a client from anywhere in the world and drive real revenue. 

What are the things that will draw eyes to your site? And what sorts of things are people looking for once they have landed on your web page? How can you gain their trust as a reputable business owner with your professional website? 

Let’s take a closer look at 3 top website designing best practices below. 

1. Good Visuals 

Good web design, first and foremost, should be pleasing to the eye. If colors are garish or the contrast isn’t sharp enough, the written content of your website won’t matter much. Find more here about the definition of web design. It’s a relatively new art form with a lot of different components. 

Don’t get overwhelmed, though. Just use your instincts. For example, you could probably guess that light yellow text on a teal background is nearly unreadable. Use a combination like that, and you’re sure to drive people away before they can get to all your amazing content. A very good example are the sites that are made by

When in doubt, it’s best to stick to classic color combinations. Black text on a white background isn’t a revolutionary concept, sure, but it’s a classic for a reason. 

The next thing to keep in mind is clarity. Once your website is readable, you must make sure that the information is organized in a way that is obvious. Try to keep large headers at the top of the page. If you’re unsure how many topics to include, remember that less is more. Try to think about what a possible user might want to see, and don’t include anything more than that. 

Don’t forget that a website isn’t only displayed on a desktop computer anymore. Many web users are looking at the internet through their mobile devices. Others surf using smart TVs or game systems. Your website needs to look just as good on a large screen as it does on one that fits in the palm of your hand. 

2. Speed 

Now that you’ve got your website looking sharp, you’re on to the next step. It’s important to make sure that your servers can handle the load of traffic. Look here for more detailed information about servers. A dedicated web server might be just what you’re looking for. 

Even with a dedicated server, try to keep the page simple. The more moving components that need to load, the longer the page will take to respond. This isn’t the nineties anymore; people won’t wait for a page that takes forty minutes to load just for the privilege of watching a flash animation. Think: is this something that will really draw customers or potential clients in? 

Another thing that shows your visitors that you’re really on the ball is keeping information updated. If you’ve linked your business Twitter account to your page and the last update is from six months ago, you’ve got a problem. That makes it look as though you’ve lost interest in your own page! No one should be in doubt when they want to place an order or ask a question whether or not they will get a response. Either update your socials on a regular basis, or don’t have them featured on the page. 

web design best practices

3. The Human Element 

So far, we’ve covered the basics. Your site is up and running. It’s fast, clean, and easy on the eyes. So, what else could you possibly want? 

Remember that people are going to be looking at your site. People from all over the country; maybe even people from all over the world. That means a lot of different cultures, values, and needs. How do you make sure that your site is welcoming to everyone? 

It is not as difficult as it seems. One strategy is to hire a website design company that can bring a fresh eye to your page. Let’s face it: a lot of Silicon Valley programmers look the same when it comes to their skills, offerings, and portfolios. You don’t want to limit yourself, so why not bring a designer on to the project that has a unique perspective? You just might find, through your collaboration, that they are able to present things in a way you never thought possible. 

Website Design That Works Well

Your online presence can be the single most important element in your business. With these top web design tips, you can be on your way to taking your business to the next level. Get ready to conquer the world with your website!

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