How To Use Bootstrap In WordPress

how to use bootstrap in WordPress websites

Many users know, or at least have heard of, services for creating and designing websites like Bootstrap and WordPress. This is the official Bootstrap Business Blog after all and our network involves many WordPress websites! Undoubtedly, it would be essential to describe this program to interested parties in more detail. Onwards bootstrappers! 

Bootstrap: Basic Features 

Let's start with Bootstrap. This is a set of free tools designed to create websites as well as web applications. It simplifies the development of dynamic websites and web applications. Bootstrap contains a large number of templates for buttons, typography, navigation, etc. This solution is compatible with the latest versions of a number of well-known browsers, such as Opera, Google Chrome, Firefox. By using Bootstrap in WordPress, you expand the capabilities of your website. The main tools of this application are: grids, typography, multimedia, tables, forms, icon font, and much more. 

WordPress For Your Needs 

It is high time to dwell on the description of WordPress. WordPress is also a widely used application for creating websites. The system allows you to design various web projects. The current version of WordPress includes a number of themes: Twenty Ten, Twenty Eleven, and Twenty Twelve. 

One WordPress installation allows users to run only one blog. In order to run several blogs on one server, you need to install the required number of WordPress in different directories and create a separate database. 

The Beneficial Functionality Of Bootstrap And WordPress 

It is also important to talk about the main benefits of these two applications for creating websites — that will help you understand what WordPress Bootstrap is. 

The first and perhaps most important thing is that both WordPress and Bootstrap can be downloaded for free. And given that these two website designers are multifunctional and the most popular in their field, it can’t help but increase their overall value. 

However, Bootstrap sells some of its templates for money. These are premium templates, and they can be used to speed up the process of creating websites. It is much easier to start creating from a ready-made template.  But if you want to create your own custom site in Bootstrap, you don't have to pay a penny. 

Another important advantage is that WordPress for Bootstrap is open source. This means that skilled users, employees can create a large number of new resources to improve service. In turn, your site will not shut down due to emergency issues and will not create many obstacles to its maintenance.  The other advantage of the popularity of these two services is the large number of different resources available and accessible. 

On WordPress and Bootstrap you can not only create and design your website, but also read a large number of articles, textbooks, manuals on various topics. Bootstrap has a lot of plans in its functionality, which in turn allows you to use many features, such as e-commerce features, date pickers and color pickers. And plus most of these plugins are available for free. 

The Rules Of Bootstrap Use In WordPress 

Here is a quick tutorial how to use Bootstrap in WordPres: 

• First, let's understand how to add Bootstrap to WordPress. To get started, you as a user need to register your hosting account. 

• You need to download Bootstrap from the website. After downloading, unzip Bootstrap and connect to your server via FTP. 

• Next, you should find the wp-content folder, and then the thèmes folder. This is where you will download the Bootstrap files. 

• You should create a new folder and already load the contents of unzipped files into it.  And keep in mind that you will need standard footer.php files to work. 

• Interested parties should open a file called style.css in the Bootstrap folder and edit the information so that it is consistent with your site. 

• You should save your updates and changes. And then when you find in your WordPress account, you will see the theme in the Theme section and in the Appearance section. Enthusiasts can always adjust these changes as needed in WordPress. 

It is also necessary to customize the HTML template: 

• The best way to do this is to use a ready-made template, and then make the necessary changes as needed to achieve the best result.

• You need to cut the top of your HTML code to the first line of the div, and then paste it into the appropriate header.php file, and the rest of the code will be in the footer.php file. 

• To activate it properly, go to the index.php file and insert the codes there. 

• After that, the headers and footers will be loaded on your website. 

• You should first import the Bootstrap stylesheet into the header.php file.  This can be done using a special feature available in WordPress called echo get_stylesheet_uri (). 

• Then import style.css to your website, which will display the top menu bar.  But this is still not enough to activate your changes to the site. You have to import the us files of the template you need into.  footer.php and insert the code before the closing body tag. 

Better Bootstrap Build 

All in all, it is clear that using Bootstrap in WordPress is a very detailed energy-intensive process that needs a lot of attention. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the details to achieve the desired result. This is the only way to make sure that the design and functionality of your site will be in line with your wishes. In order to better set up your website, do not skimp on time and money, because today investing in yourself and your opportunities is the key to success.

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