Innovative Technology Growth Requires Patent Changes

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Patents seem to be everywhere, and you can thank the advancement in technology for that. 

Even though the United States Patent System seems to be a popular target these days, especially for big companies, all of these patents can actually hurt small inventors. 

In the last 20 years, the increase in the number of patent applications has been huge. The growth in applications has also slowed down the process, so be aware of that. The patenting of the progress of science and the advancement of technology has caused some controversy as well. 

The controversy has led to the start of a conversation about changing the system. But it likely won’t be happening anytime soon. 

Some questions that come up thanks to the rise in patents includes: 

• Is it making innovation more difficult? 
• Will patients cause obstacles when it comes to technology? 
• Since it promotes technology, does it inspire others? 

Let’s think about this, is commercializing technology really a bad thing? In the end, doesn’t it encourage inventors to continuously invest to develop new ideas to obtain a new patent? Since inventors always want to be ahead of the game, the world has become more efficient with technology thanks to growth in the patent. 

Patents encourage the development of new technology and ideas, so really the only bad thing is the long process it takes to obtain a patent and a large number of patents. Since there are so many patents, this could possibly lead to the devaluing of patents. 

We can also thank the rise in technology patents for making technology more affordable and easily accessible. Patents really have reduced the gap between science and industrial innovation. 

Want A Patent? Speak With A Patent Attorney 

Obtaining a patent isn’t easy. Before you start the application process, seek the advice and guidance of a patent attorney in Phoenix. Working with an experienced patent attorney could decrease your chance of failure. 

Sam from Just Noise to Me found this out the hard way and had his first patent application rejected since he didn’t use the help of a skilled attorney. Patents must be procured and protected properly!

At Parsons & Goltry, we know patents and understand the process. With over 50 years of experience, we are your go-to legal team for all things patents. Parsons and Goltry have the experience and skills to help you understand the patent application and assist you through the application, helping you protect your inventions.

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