Grounds For Filing A Personal Injury Case The First Time

grounds filing personal injury case lawsuit

Personal injury is a law that involves cases of legal disputes that occur when someone is legally responsible for the accident or injury that an individual suffers from. A personal injury case could result from different situations. The case becomes formalized when a personal injury lawyer represents the victim at a court proceeding. 

Types of personal injury cases include vehicle accidents, medical malpractices, assault and battery, trip-and-fall cases, wrongful deaths, etc. This article introduces you to grounds that may require you to file for a personal injury case. 

Grounds For Filing A Personal Injury Case 

You can file for a personal injury case if you fall into any of the following 6 categories: 

1. Auto Accident Injury 

A personal injury case can be filed if an individual gets injured due to a car accident without having a hand in the cause of the accident. Suppose you have sustained injuries from a motor accident either as a driver, a pedestrian or a passenger. In that case, you possess the right to file for compensation to cater for financial loss and physical injuries. You may need the help and support of an experienced vehicle accident attorney to guide you through the legal process. 

Contact Yegendorf Law Firm for your personal injury cases.  You may be required to have insurance information, a police report that captures the detailed events at the accident scene and medical documentation stating the injuries sustained. 

2. Medical Malpractice 

There are situations where doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff are negligent with their duties. This could cause critical injuries that could even cost lives in extreme cases. Some of these negligent actions include incorrect diagnosis, wrong treatment, surgical errors, prescribing wrong medications or in wrong doses, failure to diagnose cancers or errors committee during the delivery of a baby. 

A medical practitioner must have broken a rule or made a wrong decision to have a personal injury case filed. To evaluate the case and pursue legal actions on your behalf, you will need the services of a well-trained and experienced medical malpractice attorney. 

3. Wrongful Death 

This is another ground to file a personal injury case. It can be claimed that the death of an individual occurs due to the carelessness of someone else. This includes nursing home neglect, medical malpractices, accidents at construction sites, plane crashes or use of a harmful product. This lawsuit will allow the appropriate representative of the deceased to recover damages and get compensation. 

An experienced wrongful death attorney would be hired to see through the case. 

grounds filing personal injury case lawsuits

4. Product Liability 

Some products could be dangerous and defective. They could cause injuries at work, home or another place. Injuries from these products can be filed as a personal injury case. Lack of warning about side effects of products or absence of operation manuals could be hazardous and lead to injuries. You could file a personal injury case if you had contact with harmful products, including dangerous foods, drugs, children`s products, consumer products, toxic materials, medical devices and chemicals. The parties that could be held responsible in this case are individuals, businesses, manufacturers, designers or marketers of the product. 

Hire an experienced attorney that can evaluate the harmful product, select the responsible parties and help you receive compensation for the injuries. 

5. Slip And Fall Accidents 

If a person sustains injuries through a slip and fall on private or public property, the individual could be eligible to receive compensation for their injury. This often depends on how safe the environment is. If the property could also harm another individual, the case is more valid. 

However, an experienced attorney will help you to check the property and the environment and see how it could cause injuries to people around. They would also help you to get due compensation for any injuries sustained. 

6. Workplace Accidents 

Accidents could happen to employees in a workplace, leading to injuries or death. You can file a personal injury case if this happens. However, employees are usually not permitted to bring a personal injury lawsuit to the employer. The claim must be made under the Illinois Workers` Compensation Act. It is required for employers to provide benefits to injured workers. These benefits include wages (temporary total disability) and a lump-sum payment (permanent partial disability). 

This law, however, varies significantly from state to state. That is why you will need experienced Workers` Compensation Attorney to interpret the law for you and will guide you through the process of protecting your rights and getting due compensation. 

Case Conclusion 

There are other grounds to file a personal injury case. This includes animal and dog bites, legal malpractices, aviation and boating accidents, food poisoning, etc. 

As a first-timer, it is essential to hire the services of a well-trained and experienced attorney that would help you to understand your rights and take proper legal steps.

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