Taking The First Steps To Portugal E-Residency

portugal e-residency steps Portuguese resident process

If Portugal attracts you for a certain reason, it may be sensible to think about e-residency. This is a program that is going to allow you to register your business in the country and do even more cool stuff than this. Follow this article, and you will learn more about the matter. 

Well, first of all, e-residency grants people a chance to be involved in business and professional activities in Portugal. At the same time, when you get engaged in this, you do not have to be in the country physically. Doesn’t it sound nice? The program suits foreign companies, investors, digital nomads, and self-employed people. 

What Shall You Start With? 

The best matter to begin with is to decide why you want to be involved in something in Portugal and nowhere else apart from this country. People have different reasons for this. Some of them think that this county is a good place to establish a certain business (speaking of taxes and demand of the clients) while others would like to move here later. Any cause can take place but you need to realize what is the case for you in particular. This will be a motivation to move further and be involved in all the steps linked to getting a Portugal e-residency

Apart from this, you should understand that it can be tough to deal with certain actions without extra help. The greatest thing you can do to simplify everything is to ask for professional assistance. In order to stick to this, there is a necessity to find a reliable service provider who will guide you through the process of helping with specific documents. When you are done with this, your chances to succeed increase greatly. As long as you have found those who will assist you with the crucial stuff, it is time to act in a more determined way. 

What Happens Next? 

It is impossible to apply for a Portugal e-residency without having proper documents. The first and foremost one to take care of is NIF. This is a Portuguese taxpayer ID number, and it will be unreal to open a company without it. By the way, if you decide to get to the country, you will not be able to live there without NIF either. It is required for many purposes. Some of them are signing a mobile phone contract, buying property, and so on. 

Well, it is very easy to issue your Portuguese tax number with a good service provider. To do this, you will only need to prepare a few documents. They are a scan of your passport and proof of address. It has never been simpler than this. As long as you are done with such a preliminary preparation, you will have to upload the documents on the site of the intermediary and pay a fee for this help. Very soon, you will receive your NIF number without any hardships and will be ready to move further with the next steps. 

Is It Real To Establish A Company Using The Remote Option? 

Sure, it is. However, again, you will need qualified help in order to be able to do this. It can be hard to proceed with everything on your own, and you may not be effective in this case. So, the intermediary will finish all the vital work for you, and you will just relax and wait till you are ready to act as the owner of your company that is registered in Portugal. Certainly, it is crucial to find good experts but if you manage to do it your success will be overwhelming. However, some minimum effort is still going to be required from you. Here is what it includes: 

• Filling out the online form that is suggested on the site of the service provider (well, he has to have relevant experience of working with such kind of stuff as opening the company in Portugal); 

• Uploading all the documents that are required from you (there are not as many of them as you can think); 

• Paying a fee (the matter of cost is very important to business owners; however, you need to realize that there is no use in trying to save too much as long as cheap prices may be linked to unprofessional service); 

• Signing a company statute. 

Basically, this is it for Portuguese e-residency. Very soon after all of this is over, you will be able to call yourself a proud owner of the Portuguese company! 


To conclude the talk, this is what you also need to bear in mind. Portugal e-residency is an excellent opportunity for many people, and it can give you more than you expect. If you have any doubts, there is sense in consulting the experts who will tell you everything.

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