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When a person or a group of people are accused of domestic violence charges. The attorney from the domestic violence defense law firm assesses the incident reported by the police and plans the defense. The purpose of evaluating the reports prepared by the police is to find the answers to the following questions for a case: 

• What was the statement given by the defendant to the police about the incident and if there is any recording of 911 to support or question the information? 

• During the incident whether someone else was present if yes, who and whether they support the statement of the defendant or reject 

• Victim’s injuries are validated to see how recent those injuries are 

• The emotional state of the defendant and the victim is investigated during the incident and also while going through the police interview 

• Any type of physical clash is confirmed through injuries, ripped clothes, bleeding, etc. 

• The record of the plaintiff and victim are analyzed to see if any violent incident was ever reported against them earlier 

• The place where the incident was carried out is checked along with the home to find any physical struggle or abuse 

• The attorney also compares the statements given by the defendants with the police observation of the incident 

• It is also checked whether the defendant or the victim was intoxicated when the incident occurred 

Based on the above questions and clarifications, the attorney concludes whether the charges against the defendant are vital or minor. 

Protecting Self Against Treacherous Domestic Violence Allegations 

No doubt domestic violence is a serious crime however, sometimes innocent people also get accused. Many spouses use incorrect allegations of physical and emotional abuse for the fulfillment of their purposes such as: 

• Win the custody/guardianship battles 
• Gain the possession of the property named on their spouse 
• If one person wants a divorce, and the other doesn’t, then many spouses put false claims to get it even 

If someone has been accused falsely of domestic violence, then here are a few steps through which they can protect their rights to secure their freedom: 

I. Without any delays the immediate action is to look for a competent attorney representation, you can get them through a domestic violence defense law firm. 

II. It is essential that no restraining orders are violated which have been issued already for domestic abuse accusations. Any breach of terms and conditions can befall the case and lead to severe legal consequences. 

III. If someone has children, then the false accusation can lead to restriction while meeting with the children. Hence, it is important that the defendant is asking the lawyer to prevent it from happening. 

IV. Changing statements and stories can affect the case badly. Hence, it is important to stick to the original story always. 


Fighting a domestic violence case requires a lot of patience. It is important to stay calm, patient, and focused throughout the trials. 

Going back to the first point, it is crucial to find an efficient defense lawyer who has dealt with domestic violence cases earlier, along with this better cooperation with the attorney and the legal bodies is a must.

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