How to Acquire New IT Talent for Your Workforce

how to acquire new IT talent for workforce hiring information technology employees

Hiring the right workers to get the job done is crucial. Unfortunately, finding prospective employees who possess the skill sets you need can sometimes be challenging. According to Harvard Business Review, the labor market is tight for skilled workers, and this is especially true for those with technical skills. Competition for tech talent is fierce since many technology-based companies are hiring IT professionals by the thousands. 

Nontechnical companies are also jumping on the bandwagon and hiring IT talent to create strong technology departments that support their technical needs. Whether you own a technology-based company, crafting a strong IT talent acquisition strategy is critical for acquiring top IT talent for your workforce. 

Make Sure To Write Thorough Job Descriptions 

Often, company owners and recruiters write job descriptions that are too generalized which leads to the wrong people applying for the job. When writing job descriptions, it is essential that you outline all important roles that you want your new hires to fulfill so there is no question about what must be done on the job. Additionally, you must be clear about the qualifications that new hires must have to fill each position. 

To attract some of the best IT talent, it is important that you do not only state that an IT degree is required as this will limit your pool of potential employees. Many in the IT field are self-taught and have obtained certifications to document their skills or have portfolios demonstrating their capabilities. 

The prevailing attitude in the IT industry is that seeking certifications is a popular option for documenting skills because the world of technology is fast moving, and much of what is learned while pursuing a four-year degree will be out of date by the time graduation occurs. Not to mention, certifications are more cost effective, and they pay off faster as they offer a much quicker return on investment. It is highly recommended to state that you are looking for prospective employees who have a degree or equivalent experience. 

Create A Brand That Is Attractive To New Hires 

Another way for you to attract quality IT talent is for you to create a brand that will be enticing to new hires. Show off your company’s culture by providing behind-the-scenes footage about your company. You can showcase your company’s culture by posting videos of work parties on social media, and you can also post footage of your company volunteering at charity events and engaging in community service work. 

If your company offers appealing benefits, you want to make those known as these will attract new hires. Everyone desires to work for companies that offer great benefits and perks to workers. 

Vet Your Candidates 

While many are honest during their job hunt, some will lie about their skills hoping to land the job. This spells disaster for employers because they end up hiring the wrong people, and significant amounts of money and productivity are lost. Having a bad employee on hand can potentially cost thousands of dollars, destroy morale and ruin the company’s reputation. Vetting your candidates is essential because this enables you to separate the wheat from the chaff. To vet your candidates, you must thoroughly review their resumes and cover letters, create aptitude assessments that candidates must complete and contact all references. You can also run background checks on all candidates. 

Make The Commitment To Diversity And Inclusion 

Hiring employees from diverse backgrounds the right thing to do, and it also has a positive impact on work performance because people feel more motivated to work when there is a strong diversity and inclusion policy in place. When you make the commitment to equity and inclusion, you will tap into pools of workers that are virtually untouched. 

For example, one population that is rarely considered is those with disabilities. Often, disabled individuals are never considered for jobs because employers have incorrect assumptions about what they can do, thus never giving them a fair chance. Many disabled candidates possess tremendous talent and skill, and they can perform their IT job duties efficiently just as well as everyone else provided they have the necessary accommodations in place. 

A strong talent acquisition strategy will ensure that you hire the right people to do the job. You can be certain that you will hire employees who are confident, highly skilled and enthusiastic about being a part of your workforce.

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