Common Offshore Injuries

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Maritime work is one of the essential jobs for the American economy. However, although lucrative, the situation is often dangerous. Back and neck injuries on the high seas are among the most common work- related injuries. They are often the result of the physically demanding and exhausting work of maritime workers. These types of injuries can cause offshore workers not to work, in addition to accumulating medical bills. While workers' compensation does not cover overseas workers, the Jones Act entitles them to some financial relief level. If you've been injured on the job, call The Zehl & Associates for a free consultation with an offshore injury attorney

Back And Neck Injuries 

Although trauma to the back, neck, and spinal cord does not usually cause death, it can lead to permanent disability. The spinal column has various ligaments and muscles that protect the spinal cord and aid in movement. However, injury to any of these structures can cause significant and debilitating pain. Countless dangers put employees working abroad at risk. Those causes include: 

• Negligence of the owner 
• Operator negligence 
• Inadequate training 
• Lack of staff 
• Lack of equipment 
• Defective machinery 
• Inappropriate procedures and operations 
• Little or no security equipment 
• Breach of security procedures 
• Lack of security procedures 
• Unsafe working conditions 

The Zehl & Associates has an offshore neck and back injury attorney ready to assist you on your journey to recovery. Contact our company today to discuss the details of your case. Contact an offshore injury attorney today. 


From chains to hatches and winches, and more, offshore workers constantly work with and around equipment that can cause injuries very quickly. A very real concern for many of those working at sea is the loss of a limb or amputation. In addition to traumatic amputation, offshore workers have to worry about crushed limbs that can cause nerve damage that can lead to surgical amputation. 

Amputation of any kind is devastating and life-altering. However, amputation at sea can be particularly devastating because the injury occurred while earning money to care for her family. If you or a loved one lives with the loss of a maritime limb, a compassionate offshore amputation attorney from The Zehl & Associates understands what is going on. We can help you in your recovery process. 

If the amputation was immediate and directly caused by accident, or if the victim later required surgery to remove the limb, our lead attorney, Reed Morgan, can help. Morgan has achieved several wins in major trials and settlements for amputation victims at sea. Our Law Firm supports Morgan with more than 40 years of experience protecting the rights of injured clients. We have the resources to help you get the recovery you deserve. If you have an amputation injury offshore, please contact our company today. We will advocate for your rights and organize the correct parts for your injury. 

Proper maintenance of machinery and heavy equipment onboard marine vessels is a requirement of federal law. In addition to regular maintenance, companies are responsible for ensuring that machinery is checked for damaged or defective parts. In addition, your company must ensure that you and each of the employees you work with is properly trained in safety equipment and procedures. 

Recovery from limb loss on the high seas is a physically painful process. Contact our company to speak to a compassionate offshore injury attorney.

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