How to Create an Affordable Advertising Plan for Your Small Business

how to create affordable advertising plan small business advertisement strategy ads

How do you reach a bigger audience with your small business?

One way is to create a winning advertising plan that won't break the bank. From identifying your target audience to creating creative messaging that speaks to it, you can build an advertising plan that can help convert potential customers.

Read on to learn more about how to plan your advertising strategy. 

Define Your Audience

First of all, ask whether you're targeting a new demographic or staying with the same as before. Have you created a product or service that may be better aimed at young people than seniors, for example? 

If you don't know what your target audience should be, you can make use of data analytics to see who is visiting your website and from where. That can help you place your advertising more effectively.

Perform a Strengths Analysis

Take a look at your core business, and what sets is apart from the competition. It could be customer service or home delivery, as examples. 

By identifying your business strengths, you'll better allocate resources to promoting it. This can also be referred to as a value proposition

At the same time, you should also identify your specific challenges and weaknesses so you can re-adjust your budget accordingly. 

Decide on Your Media

When it comes to creating ads, you should decide where best to place them. For example, if you're targeting a younger audience, then you might want to consider a social media campaign.

On the other hand, you could also get the attention of a more mature crowd by placing eye-catching ads in a mall or a particular publication like a newspaper. Larger-scale advertising such as posters or billboards has been shown to grab attention. When deciding on your advertising plan, make sure to choose an experienced company, such as Clear Channel Outdoor to produce your posters.

No matter what approach you take, be sure that your brand is consistent. That builds positive brand awareness so more people can recognize your business. 

Get Specific With Your Messaging

Instead of just saying "buy from us!" on a billboard or poster, you should choose specific items to feature. It could be a new line of clothing for the summer, for example. 

By showing samples of your product (or someone using it), you can help build potential customer relationships. Don't be afraid to get creative and bold to make a lasting statement

Generate Word-Of-Mouth Buzz

When it comes to low-cost advertising, word of mouth marketing ranks high. But in order to create some buzz among potential customers, you'll have to place your ads in the right place with the right messages. 

When aiming for word of mouth, look to offer something visually stunning in your display ads. You could even consider creating a social media hashtag that can be used and shared. 

You can also try advertising that appeals to emotions. Pick a cause that you align with, and incorporate it into your marketing strategy.

Follow Through With Your Advertising Plan

Creating an advertising plan complete with creative messaging is a great start to reaching a wider audience. 

You also have to identify the best ways to reach that audience, whether it's through posters or a website or both, and put the plan into motion!

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