A Divorced Father’s Guide To Child Custody

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Most fathers seeking custody of their kids can easily feel discouraged when they look at the stats. Very few dads have full custody of their little ones, regardless of the fact that courts don’t discriminate against fathers. Statistically, fathers only make up 19% of custodial parents. An Austin child custody lawyer shares that it is essential for fathers to be aware that family courts are expected to make decisions based on the best interests of the child, without gender bias.

However, there has been an impressive rise in fathers who don’t want to miss a minute in their children’s lives. While the process of getting custody is hard, it is not impossible and it can even be easier when family lawyers are involved. 

Here is a divorced father’s guide to child custody: 

Engage A Family Lawyer 

After a divorce, many fathers experience high-stress levels, depression, and anxiety from fear that they won’t be able to spend time with their children. As a divorced father, you might lack adequate knowledge as far as your rights and the time you’re entitled to spend with your kids is concerned. 

However, engaging a family lawyer will help you know more about a divorced father’s rights as the lawyer will walk you through it step by step. 

Pay Child Support 

A good track record is important when it comes to petitioning for full or joint custody of your child. You might have an informal arrangement with your child’s other parent and wondering if you can keep records of how you support your child. 

The answer is yes, you can keep records of canceled checks, receipts, as well as any other documents that serve as proof that you’ve been consistently supporting your child financially. If you’re petitioning for full custody, it’s important to also consider if you’ll request child support from the other parent. 

For the benefit of your child, try to avoid attempting to get full custody only because you’re struggling to pay child support and you want it eliminated. 

divorced father children custody

Be Realistic 

Being a single parent is hard and can be a full-time job. It's important to be realistic with yourself as well as others as to whether you can handle the responsibilities of being a full-time single parent. Be honest with yourself when it comes to what you can manage practically, financially, and more. 

You may be interested in full-time custody, but it might simply be unrealistic. If this is the case, you can opt for the type of custody that’s realistically possible for you. Having a clear sense of the life you’re petitioning to take on and being real and honest about it will increase the likelihood of the court taking you seriously. 

Be An Involved Father 

The court is interested to know if you have a meaningful relationship with your child, and they’ll need evidence. This goes beyond your ability to take care of the child financially and practically. You may already have a strong connection with your child, but the judge is looking for objective expressions of that connection. 

The following are objective expressions of your relationship with your child that may work in your favor: 

• What does your child want to be when he/she grows up? 
• Do you know who your child’s best friend is? 
• Do you help your child with homework or coach their sports team? 
• Do you attend your child’s important events such as birthday parties and school plays? 
• Are you known by staff members at your child’s school? 

These expressions of love and involvement in your child’s life go a long way in building a solid relationship with them. The court can’t grant you full custody of a child who’s pretty much a stranger to you. Remember, the child’s wellbeing is their priority. So, being able to prove that you have a good and consistent relationship with your child is a big deal. 

Create Space For Your Kid 

If you’re going to be granted custody of any kind, you need adequate accommodation for your child. Even if you live in a small apartment, you won’t be discriminated against. All you have to do is make a special place for your child in your home. 

The judge might want to know if your home is safe and secure, if you’re at home consistently, and if you have a decent bed for your child to sleep in. Try to address all these issues and leave nothing to chance before appearing in court. 


As a divorced father, you don’t have to drown in the stress and anxiety of never seeing your child again. You can get full or joint custody of your child and enjoy time with them as you see them grow. Use this insightful guide to find out how you can get child custody.

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