Finding An Employment Attorney In Virginia: Check These 4 Tips!

how to find employment attorney

Nothing in life can prep you for facing discrimination or harassment at the workplace. As an employee, you have certain rights, and state and federal laws prohibit any form of discrimination in the workplace. If you were harassed at the workplace, you need to talk to a Virginia employment attorney without further delay. 

Here are 4 key tips for choosing the right attorney for your case. 

1. Start With A Potential List 

First things first, you don’t need any lawyer, but someone who specializes in employment law. A lawyer who handled your divorce successfully is not the right person to fight your workplace discrimination case. To make a potential list, you can check online or talk to your friends and colleagues. Check a few law-based informative websites, such as Nolo and Avvo. 

2. Meet The Attorney 

Most employment lawyers in the state would be happy to offer a free initial consultation for your case. Meet the lawyer and ask questions like – 

a. How long have you been practicing employment law in Virginia? 
b. What are the typical cases you encounter and take in your practice? 
c. Have you worked with clients who had faced similar harassment/discrimination? 
d. If yes, can you share references? What were the outcomes of the case? 
e. What would be your legal advice right now? 

A good lawyer would explain the basics of employment law and what you can possibly expect from the case. They will also answer your key questions. 

3. Look If There Is A Conflict Of Interest 

Employment lawyers often work for employees and employers alike. Some lawyers may focus more on representing employees, and they are probably your best bet as you can expect them to be more understanding. However, just because an attorney also works for employers doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hire them. In fact, the best idea is to ensure that you hire someone who doesn’t have a conflict of interest. For instance, if a law firm is representing your employer in another lawsuit, you should probably look for other options. 

4. Discuss The Fee 

Employment lawyers often take an hourly rate or work on a contingency fee. If your case involves financial recovery, your lawyer can choose the latter, and you don’t have to pay them right now. In case of an hourly rate, you should ask the lawyer for an estimate in advance. 

Legal Leverage

Pursuing a matter of discrimination at work requires considerable work from a specialized lawyer. Hire an employment attorney soon for all your legal needs.

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