Top 5 Offenses That Fall Under Title IX

top legal offenses fall under title ix gender discrimination law

Title IX is a law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender in any federally funded education program. This means that it is illegal for schools to discriminate against students who have been sexually harassed or raped. Schools have a responsibility to take sexual violence seriously, provide resources for victims and their families, and implement necessary safety measures so both students and staff can be protected from harm. 

Title IX is a comprehensive legislation that protects the rights of students. There are, however, schools or organizations that fail to comply with Title IX by not taking appropriate action when their students are sexually harassed or assaulted. If you feel that your school has failed to do this, then you should consult a Title IX attorney from Lento Law Firm as early as possible. 

We will now see into the common offenses that fall under Title IX. 

1. Sexual Harassment 

Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. Any sexually harassing act that is done by one student to another must be reported because it could lead to rape, sexual assault, or other forms of sexual violence. Schools have a responsibility in preventing and addressing any form of sexual harassment. 

2. Sexual Violence 

Sexual violence can be considered as any physical sexual act or attempted act that is committed without consent or by force. It includes rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, and even stalking. Schools should immediately take necessary steps to prevent any form of sexual violence and give assistance to victims who experience it. 

3. Gender-Based Bullying 

The policies of the school must prevent gender-based bullying. School authorities must give proper guidance to students, student organizations, and teachers in order to preserve a safe environment. Title IX requires schools to appoint an individual or group that is responsible for dealing with gender-based harassment as well as addressing sexual violence in cases where it occurs. 

4. School Policies That Discriminate Against A Particular Gender 

School policies must not differentiate between a specific gender. This means that they should not treat a particular group of students differently because of their gender. Schools must provide the same opportunities to both male and female students. Educational facilities must provide the most fair and accommodating environment for all children.

5. Employment Discrimination 

The school must not discriminate against employees of a certain gender. This means that they should not refuse to hire only one specific gender, adjust the pay between male and female faculty and staff members, or fail to promote those who are qualified. 

Top Takeaways Of Title IX Offenses 

Schools should be a fair and accommodating place that students can feel comfortable going to each day. By complying with the Title IX law, it ensures youths can have a more positive learning environment.

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