What to Know About Properly Copyrighting Your Brand

You have spent endless days and weeks coming up with the name and logo for your company, so now is the time to protect it. Your logo needs to be recognizable and reflect who you are and what you offer so it is an essential part of your brand personality. As your name and logo are such an integral part of your business DNA it is essential that you properly copyright them in order to protect your business identity, and here is how to do just that. 

When To Copyright 

It is important to know exactly when to copyright as many companies do not find it to be necessary or essential. Once you have created a logo and a brand name you, in a way, already automatically own that copyright as it is original work. That is yours, for you and your company to begin promoting yourself. However leaving it there will mean that you are not protected should anyone decide to use the same name or a similar logo. 

Unfortunately, if you have done a particularly good job of your branding you may become the victim of your own success by attracting the attention of copycats. Similarly if you are in a highly competitive market sector, where competition is high then you will certainly want to make sure that all your hard branding work is protected. Again if you are working solely within a local market, with no plans to expand then you may feel that copyrighting your business is not necessary, however if you feel that your business has potential to grow outside of your local market then copyrighting your company is a very good idea. Applying to trademark your name means that you are declaring exclusive rights in your sector. You are essentially making sure that no one else can use your name and logo in a similar line of work, so it is an important step to take in terms of protecting your business identity. 


Registering your logo as a trademark is really important for all business that are in a competitive business and have their sights set on solid growth over the years. Whether you have an entertainment brand an ecommerce brand or a landscape garden business your logo is the visual representation of your brand so you will need to protect it. It is advisable to hire the help from litigation lawyers from IRB Law that specialize in trademark and copyright law, who can talk you through what the process of trademarking your brand entails. Hiring a lawyer, who specializes in copyright and trademark law means that you can be confident that you are going about the process in the correct way and that you are fully protecting your business. 

Advantages of Copyright 

Copyrighting your company means that you have the legal ownership of your brand nationwide, therefore as your company expands into new territories you can be safe in the knowledge that no matter where your business ends up your company is protected from infringement. Securing the rights to your intellectual property means no other company can steal your ideas, logo design and business design, making copyright and trademark an essential step to take for businesses who are focused on long-term success and a solid and lucrative brand.

I hope you enjoyed this article about what you should know about properly copyrighting your brand.

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