A Brief Guide To Compressing A PDF File And Its Importance

how to compress pdf files

PDF or Portable Document Format files are the most reliable method of distributing documents because they retain the same appearance and quality. However, there’s always a common problem that people face when efficiently compressing the size of the files after converting the document to PDF. The file sizes turn out larger than before. 

It turns out that there are various reasons as to why PDF files could turn out larger than the original word processing file size. One thing’s for sure is that there is more information and elements in PDF files than there is on Word documents and other word processing software. 

The only way to get around the mentioned problems is to use a PDF file compressor with a unique compression algorithm that doesn’t affect the overall quality of the images. Thus, here is a brief guide to compressing a PDF file and why you should compress them. 

Compressing A PDF File Using Online Tools 

The most popular and easiest way to compress pdf file is to upload the document to a reliable online tool, choose a compression method, and hit “Download.” The reason why online compressing tools are the easiest way to compress your PDF files is that they’re free, and you won’t have to do a lot of tweaking with the settings. 

But, you also have to make sure that the online tool you’ll be using for compressing your PDF files is popular and has a lot of positive reviews. Also, online tools vary in terms of how much they’re reducing the size of the PDF. For instance, one online tool can reduce the size by 40 percent, while another tool can only reduce the size by 30 percent. 

There are online tools out there with a cloud system where you can register for an account and compress PDF files on the go. Further, there are particular online tools where you can purchase a membership and access their pro features. With that in mind, you can compress the PDF files to the smallest size but still have good quality images. 

Compressing A PDF File Using Desktop Tools 

Downloading a desktop PDF compressor allows you to tweak each detail in the compression settings. The only problem people face with PDF compressor desktop tools is that they’re expensive. As a result, you have to do plenty of research to ensure that you’ll be buying a bang for the buck desktop tool. 

Also, desktop tools are best for compressing incredibly large or sensitive PDF files. The reason for this is because when you’re using online tools to compress your PDF files, you’ll be uploading the file to that tool’s external server. And, we all know that external servers have a weak security system.

Importance Of Compressing Your PDF Files 

PDF compression tools tend to use a lossless compression algorithm as much as possible to reduce the file size without losing the quality or the document’s content. As a result, people can share documents efficiently and with minimal delay. If your work mainly uses PDF to send or receive reports and data, you can access these files outside the workplace. 


Reducing the file size is crucial to ensure ease of access and availability of the files. If you prefer to use online tools for compressing your PDF files because they’re free, you have to make sure the site you’re using is reliable. In contrast, if you prefer using desktop software, you have to make sure that the desktop tool is a bang for the buck.

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