How To Compress PDF Files To Save Up Space

how to compress pdf file size compression save space

PDF files are one of the most substantial types of file formats there is today. A PDF file can eat up most of your storage space. You will be shocked when you only have one PDF file on your computer, and it’s already taking an unreasonable amount of storage. Sometimes, it can also slow down your computer system. 

With that, PDF files that are too lengthy and heavy are compressed. PDF files that are compressed tend to have less file weight. Thus, PDF compressor software exists for people to use in compressing their PDF files. 

PDFbear is one of the most convenient and effective PDF compressors you can use in your PDF dilemmas. The site can be accessed online, and you can compress your files for free. It is easy to use, and it has a user-friendly interface. 

How To Compress PDF Files? 

When using PDFbear, compressing PDF files will not be a problem. Easily compress your chosen PDF files and make it lighter using the site without stress and hassle. You can compress pdf online as well. All you need to do is follow these steps when compressing a PDF file. 

First, you need to upload a PDF file on the server. Choose a file from your computer, cloud storage, or external drive and drag and drop it on the server. Once the data are there, PDFbear will immediately scan your PDF file for compression. 

Next, when the scanning is done, you can now proceed to the compressing process. Choose the option available. Since you want to compress a file, select “Compress,” and PDFbear will compress the data. It will only take about a few seconds for the server to successfully shorten the files. 

When the progress bar is full, and the process is done, you can choose to download your newly compressed PDF file back on your computer or your cloud storage. PDFbear supports cloud storage such as Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox. You can also send the file directly via email to a friend or colleague. 

PDFbear Compress Tool Features 

When looking for a compressor tool for your PDF files, you need to make sure the one you end up with is the best tool available online. PDFbear is indeed one of the best PDF compressors in the market, and it has been proven and tested. 

The website’s PDF compressor can reduce all your PDF files for free, and you don’t even have to worry about lowering the quality of the data. You can keep the PDF file’s high quality even when you compress it with the help of PDFbear. The site also has all the best compressor tools that you can use for free. It is easy to use and is a useful tool for all PDF files. 

Safe And Secure System 

PDFbear has high respect when it comes to user’s file confidentiality and privacy. Thus, you can upload files, compress them, and download the newly compressed file in your computer with a peace of mind. Once the file has been shortened, the data will only remain on the server for an hour. After that time, it will be deleted from the server permanently. 

Unlike other compressor tools and software, you don’t have to worry about accessing it on different platforms because PDFbear supports almost all types of platforms. You can access the server, whether you have a Linux, Mac, or Windows computer. You can also use it on your mobile phones and Android devices. 

With PDFbear, you don’t have to worry about sending in large PDF files via email because its PDF compressor tool makes sure that they will only reduce the weight of the data and not it’s quality. You don’t have to compromise the quality of the file because PDFbear has the best technology for compressing file sizes that you can easily send via email. 

Takeaway On PDF Compression Online

With all the fantastic and useful features and tools, no wonder PDFbear is the best PDF file compression tool. You don’t have to sacrifice quality over file size anymore because PDFbear ensures the best quality of PDF compression in the world.

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