PDF Compress: It’s Not As Difficult As You Think

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With so many files being created nowadays, most of it takes a tremendous amount of space on our storage drives. PDF files, in particular, are one of the most extensive files that could potentially take up all of the available space in your storage, and it could sometimes be the main reason why your computer is not performing well as it should be. 

Luckily, there are tons of tools that are available today that can efficiently compress all of your PDF files. Files that are compressed often take less space on your storage and give room for more files. They are lightweight, and they will still function as a normal PDF file. You can also use a free convert pdf to word program as well for additional versatility and compatibility.

One of the many software that you can use to compress your PDF files easily is by using PDFbear. It is one of the easiest PDF compressors that you will find today since it can always be accessed online. This software focuses on a user-friendly environment, and it lets you enjoy all of its features for free. 

How To Compress A PDF File 

PDFbear’s reputation is slowly climbing the ranks thanks to its features that can all be used for free. Users can easily use the pdf compress tool without going through a lot of trouble. The process for compressing all of your PDF files are relatively fast and simple. With only minimal steps to follow, you will have your compressed files in an instant. Here are the steps: 

Firstly, choose the PDF files that you want to compress from your library. After you’ve selected a file, PDFbear will automatically scan all of the files that you have selected. When it finishes scanning the files, proceed to the next process to start compressing your files. All of the methods will only take a few minutes, and you can now download your newly compressed files. 

Online Access 

Being able to access PDFbear online at any given time is one of many reasons why many people tend to use this software. Given that it’s free, customers will be able to use the features that the software has to offer. Every process has clear instructions on how the process works, and everything is straightforward. 

Users also have the option to opt for a premium subscription at a relatively low price. In this premium service, users will be able to utilize further features and access further assistance whenever they need it for a smoother overall experience. 

Files Security

One of the problems that many people have towards online PDF compressors is that they may be unsafe and may invade their privacy. If that is the case, there is nothing that you should worry about when you are using PDFbear’s features. The software has high regards when it comes to a user’s data privacy and confidentiality. 

When you start utilizing all of PDFbear’s features such as the PDF compressor, all of the data that you have uploaded to the server will only stay there for about an hour. No matter how large the file is, all of it will be deleted permanently after the given period. 

PDF Compression Top Takeaway 

PDFbear is only one of the many software that you will find on the internet today, but it is one of the most user-friendly software that you will ever use. The process for compressing PDF files is now more comfortable and hassle-free thanks to PDFbear. Harness the PDF power!

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