What Is Divorce Modification?

what is divorce modification

Almost no one wants to get a divorce. They are unpleasant, messy, and typically have negative impacts on both the people involved and their families (especially if children are in the picture). That being said, they have been growing in frequency in the past few decades. 

In fact, to some extent, I would argue that this is a good thing. People are able to divorce partners who are potentially abusive or dissolve unhappy unions. That the opportunity is there is wonderful for the modern world. 

Of course, having a good reason to dissolve a marriage does not make that time any less painful or chaotic. Sometimes, we make choices in the contract that we regret later. That it why the option to modify the divorce papers is so important. 

How Does Divorce Modification Work? 

While it might sound like a difficult process to start and undergo, I can assure you that it actually is not. Consider the process of filing for divorce. Often, it takes a long time to resolve, and situations may change as we continue into our lives. Especially as things like mediation take place to resolve conflicts over children, property, or other items of contention. 

Unfortunately, a lot of marriages are now ending in this, as you can see from these statistics on this website. That does not mean that we need to struggle with the process, though. There are a few ways to mitigate the pain. 

As a case goes through the court system, a lot of steps are involved in finalizing a divorce decree. This may seem quite permanent. That is why some people procrastinate so much on finalizing it – I know my parents waited for many years before getting an official decree. This was partially due to how complicated their separation was, but also because they were worried about changes in their situation. 

Thankfully, these decrees can be modified in a variety of ways, even after they are finalized. There are a few ways this is done, so it best to do really do your research as you look into this option. Especially if things are tense between you and your ex-partner. 

divorce modification

Types Of Divorce Modifications 

Naturally, there are several different types. This is because of the variety of situations that may arise between a separated couple. After all, we all face separations differently, and all had our own personal difficulties that led to it in the first place. 

This means that courts must take a lot of different things into account as they carry out divorce modifications, especially in this day and age. The first thing I will mention are changes to child custody decisions. This is one that I am quite familiar with, as it was a huge point of contention between my own parents. 

For kids under the age of eighteen, custody is really important between a separated pair of parents. It will have serious implications for their current life, but also how they will live in the future. After all, how we are raised often influences our behavior – hence the whole nature versus nurture debate that exists! 

Sometimes, these terms are modified because a parent starts to feel overwhelmed with caring for a child on their own – it is split more evenly to share the load. However, it could also be altered because more information comes to light, or an abusive situation is unveiled. Those are just some potentials for why, though. 

The next issue I will tackle is child support. It is often a huge debate between separated partners. One person might feel it is unfair or an undue burden on them. Another may think they are not receiving enough each month. Job changes and shifts in income can also influence these modifications. 

Finally, there is property division. If you would like to learn more about this, you may want to read about it here: https://divorce-matters.com/what-is-a-post-decree-modification/. What is important to keep in mind in this category is that this sort of motion cannot be altered unless both participants give consent. That can make it somewhat tricky to change post-divorce decree, especially if the relationship has soured past friendliness. 

Stay Educated On The Ongoing Divorce Process

Even if you think this is all nonsense or will never apply to you, it is always a good idea to keep in mind. After all, once the papers have been signed and everything is finalized, it might seem like you never have to worry about it again. However, as our lives change, so do our circumstances. 

Modifications may be necessary in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle for both people in the divorcing agreement. Navigating this world can be difficult, which is why I recommend seeking some sort of counsel or support. You should not have to go through this alone, especially if you need to alter the original finalized decree.

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