4 Tips To Attract Drivers To Your Trucking Company

how to attract new truck drivers to trucking business

Along with the shipping logistics issues that are causing delays in the movement of goods around the globe, the shortage of drivers is one of the most significant problems challenging trucking companies. The good news is that, unlike the former issue, you can take control of any problems that you have, attracting new drivers to your company. 

It may be difficult to attract new drivers, but it isn’t impossible. While you might not have the budget to increase driver salaries substantially, you can make an active effort to improve your hiring rate by trying out a few strategies to make your company more attractive than the next one. 

Here are 4 top ideas to help you get started hiring more truckers for your business. 

1. Ensure You Are Running A Welcoming Atmosphere For Female Drivers 

It may have seemed more fashionable for a trucking company to mostly employ men once upon a time, but today exclusivity is a death knell for a business. When you need all the new employees you can get, you can’t afford to allow anyone at your company to foster toxic attitudes towards women in the workplace. Do everything that you can to make everyone in the job pool feel like your company is the right place for them to work. 

2. Offer Incentives 

Even if you can’t offer an enormous benefits package and a higher salary, you may be able to offer just enough to make your company more attractive than the alternative option. Performance incentives will help to keep your drivers feeling appreciated, and, as their name implies, they will do the bonus job of keeping them motivated to perform well on the job. 

3. Upgrade Your Trucks 

If you’re only offering worn-out or weak trucks for your drivers to use, they’re going to be more likely to take a job with a competitor who provides them with rigs that they’ll be proud to drive. Even if you’re shopping for a used vehicle, you can add a quality truck like a Western Star 49X to your fleet to vastly improve your offerings. 

If you can only afford to upgrade a few of your vehicles, you could combine both of these strategies by offering drivers that perform well the chance to use the better rigs. 

4. Streamline Your Hiring Process 

Today’s job applicants face many kinds of gate-keeping when applying for a job. The process they go through could also take months and many stages. You can attract a new generation of drivers by advertising a simplified hiring process that will get them working fast. In this way, you won’t just attract truck drivers to your company but those who haven’t thought about becoming a driver before. 

Double Your Drivers To Keep On Trucking

If you want to ensure your trucking company is going to thrive today and grow in the future, you need to be able to find new ways to attract drivers to your staff. You can get started by upgrading your fleet with more attractive trucks at your local used transport truck dealership. Keep these driver recruiting tips in mind and keep on trucking!

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