How Interactive Digital Signage Transforms Businesses

interactive digital signage benefits business advertising

Does your business need to make an impact? Are you planning a big brand activation that needs to get customer engagement? Or are you trying to enhance your in-store customer experience? 

They are all possible with the help of portable interactive signage, a technology that is become increasingly accessible to businesses of all sizes. 

Digital signage used to be expensive and cumbersome to install, even more so in outdoor environments. Today, there is no setup involved, and they can be moved with just a forklift. Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor interactive signage, a rental or a permanent sign, your business can find the display solution it needs, no matter what your marketing plans are. 

If you are not sure that interactive signage is the right solution, these are just 4 of the ways it can help transform your business advertising. 

1. Marketing Events 

Your company is going to a trade show, or you want to reach customers out in public with a brand activation. You need to make a big impact and make sure you get the kind of engagement that will make it worth the time and money. 

A great display is the first step in getting the attention your business needs in the hectic environment of the trade show floor. Displays are more than just a first impression; they are your way to get noticed in the first place. 

Even better than just video is an interactive display. Video lets you tell your brand’s story, but an interactive element is how you engage. 

If you are planning an experiential marketing campaign, interactive digital signage has changed everything. Getting the general public’s attention in real life has never been a bigger challenge, but interactivity will people a reason to stop and pay attention. 

2. Advertising 

Just because they are in-store (or hovering just outside) doesn’t mean your advertising campaign is over. The smart application of digital signage can both enhance the customer experience and extend your marketing mission to customers on-site, helping you influence decisions without feeling intrusive or distracting. 

3. Self-Serve Kiosks 

Self-serve kiosks are increasingly making their way into retail, and not just as self-check-outs. Self-serve kiosks are a great way for customers to explore and get more information on their own without feeling pressured by a sales associate. 

Self-serve kiosks are also opening the door to self-ordering in the retail and entertainment industries, something that was once largely limited to the restaurant industry. 

4. Creating An Experience 

Touch and gesture interactivity has changed the capabilities of digital signage. You don’t have to limit yourself to advertisements or even self-serve functionality. You can create gamification experiences or even integrate Augmented Reality. Working with the right digital signage company, you can create a memorable and engaging experience anywhere you need it. 

Smart Signage Success 

As you can see, it is clear that interactive digital signage gets the results your company needs. Start utilizing them for your business advertising today to reap the rewards.

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