6 Growth Hacking For E-commerce Techniques You Are Missing

growth hacking ecommerce techniques

Marketing a product is not easy. Marketing a product right is even tougher. Marketing an e-commerce product is the toughest! 

E-commerce made famous after the success of giants like Amazon and Tesco has been the new way for startups to begin their journeys. It surprisingly requires less capital and human resource, reducing costs to a minimum. However, e-commerce, like the name suggests, thrives via the internet. Marketing, financing, and sales all work together to create a brand on the global internet platform. 

With tons of benefits of the internet, it also means the lack of offline modes of sales and a longer time period to gain customer trust. This is why E-commerce platforms need to work extra to draw considerable growth in their business. To make sure you get your results, you can always use these amazing growth hacks (techniques to reduce your time to reach desired outputs) for higher revenues, sales and customer acquisition. 

Customer Data To Use FOMO Mentality 

The world is known to the new 'Fear of missing out' tendency of humans. Everyone wants to know everything, live through everything and not miss out on any latest technology or developments around the world. Be it movies, books, mobile phones, memes, social media trends or stock markets. So, as an e-commerce platform, you need to work this customer tendency towards your favor. You could use customer data like the number of purchases already made, a number of people who have a product on their wish list and number of people in the queue for a product once it is back in stock. Put this data as pop-ups or slides beside a particular product to motivate customers to make purchases or understand the value of a product. 

Use The Right Tools 

Always use the right tools to make your website work before focusing on any other hack. So, you could use Google Analytics set up to work on metrics and best customers data or use Nimble for social CRM software to help you target your users better. You could also develop your own marketing system of generating feedbacks, email campaigns and easy delivery options. If you are confused which growth hacking tools to use, check out this list here. Along with that, use reliable or trustable outsourcing companies for email marketing or website advertisements if you don't have your own team in place. 

Feedback And Reviews Displayed 

Trust is a very important factor for growth. Use this easy growth hack to develop customer value via trust. Appreciate customer reviews and feedbacks of any sort about a product and post them on your website. You can have a separate section for reviews below a product or have a feedback portal via email. Considering how 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase, this hack works wonders. 

growth hacking e-commerce techniques growthhacker

Speed It Up 

Website speed is of prime importance when you talk about customer retention, quick orders or purchases on your website. Make sure you spend and have a team to test and work on improving your website speed, reduce load time which would automatically increase conversion rates. In fact, Walmart found an increase of conversion rates by 2% when the load speed improved by just one second. 

Give Product Descriptions Priority 

Each product on your website has its own value, a unique set of features and a separate customer target base. So use this uniqueness and improve your website by working on detailed product descriptions of each product. Talk about pricing, features, quality and value addition. Make sure you try to influence customers, impact them and talk like you are the one making an order. 

Work On Discounts And Incentives 

From referrals, coupon code to exclusive discounts, as a startup you need to give every customer an incentive to join your customer account. So, you could give coupons of free delivery to every new account and their first purchase, a referral discount to customers who bring in more orders or give quick delivery options to anyone who reviews a product on your website. 

Avoid Cart Abandonment

Considering how an average of 60% shoppers will abandon an e-commerce website before even making an order, you need to bring your A game into the market to reach great heights. Use these hacks along with your standard marketing plans to improve and optimize your website’s strength.

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