How Are People Making Money with PPC Right Now?

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What if you totally squandered an easy way to make money?

You often hear stories about how making money with PPC is easy. But the truth is that if you do it wrong, you'll just throw your own money away without really seeing a profit.

How, then, can you make money with PPC right now? Keep reading to discover our top tips on making money with PPC advertising!

Clever Keywords

If you're reading this, you're probably driven by a central question: "does PPC advertising work?" It can work very well, but you need to make creative use of keywords.

"Creative" is the key because you must bid on particular keywords, and some of the more general terms cost quite a bit. This is bad on two levels: you end up paying too much money for those keywords and they aren't really specific to your company or product.

That's why you need to find a "sweet spot" of things like longtail keywords that are highly relevant to your niche. You may get fewer clicks, but those who check it out will be likelier to buy something.

Creative Copy

Of course, creative keywords are only one part of the equation. It's also important for your PPC marketing to use creative copy in all of your ads.

Think of PPC copy as a kind of micro "elevator pitch." You have an extremely limited amount of words (say, one or two sentences) to get someone's attention. What, then, will you focus on?

Much of this depends on your demographics (more on this in a minute). A younger audience may respond well to humor, while an older audience likes marketing that makes them feel more secure.

Target Key Demographics

With any luck, you understand your different demographics and customer segments. However, for PPC to really work, you need to target specific demographics with specific advertisements.

Different platforms allow you to do this in different ways. Facebook allows you to narrow ad reach down by factors such as age, gender, college education, and more. Google Ads lets you target by factors such as age, gender, income, and parental status.

By creating accurate buyer personas, you can better target your specific audience. And such targeted PPC is likelier to be successful.

Straight to Sales

Want to know the worst way to trigger sales through PPC? By sending customers directly to a sales page.

It sounds paradoxical, but the modern consumer is very wary of traditional salesmanship. If they click on an ad, they don't necessarily want to buy it right away. Instead, they want to learn more about the product and company.

Try using PPC to send customers to landing pages. From there, focus on getting them to sign up for things like e-mail newsletters.

Ultimately, you need to play the long game. PPC is just one more way of building customer relationships that lead to higher profits.

Making Money With PPC: What's Next?

Now you know the secrets to making money with PPC. But do you know who can help you master other online sales and digital marketing secrets?

We specialize in helping businesses just like yours reach their full potential. To see how we can help your business beyond PPC advertising, check out our Digital Marketing and SEO sections of the Bootstrap Business Blog today!

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