How To Combine SEO And PPC To Boost Traffic

how to combine SEO and PPC boost traffic fast SEM

Marketers normally have pay-per-click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) among their tactics for increasing web traffic to their sites. If you ask them, most will swear by either. They believe that PPC (also known as SEM) like Google Ads is a great method of achieving quick results while SEO is great for long-term results. 

Unfortunately, marketers rarely ever use the two together. PPC and SEO can be used to generate quality lead to content upfront. Like SEO, PPC helps to boost the performance of the content the team has spent time and money on. It generates leads, improves visibility online, boosts views, and drives traffic. 

Rather than foregoing either for the other, recommends that you use both to uplift your content marketing strategy and improve your content results. Below are 4 ways in which you can combine SEO and PPC to achieve the best results for your website traffic: 

1. Use Ads To Inform Your Content Strategy 

SEO normally involves developing a list of keywords for on-page content. These keywords should be relevant to your customer base, industry, and product. Using this method alone can slow down the process as you have to try and figure out which keywords actually lead to conversations. It requires a lot of time and labor, and may sometimes waste the opportunity to reach out to customers that spend time on search and social media platforms. PPC allows you to get in front of these customers, giving you a more reactive and faster test for your keywords. 

Research shows that Americans spend up to 2.5 hours a day seeing dozens of ads on social media. These ads are normally availed to them based on their interests and those of their friends. When it comes to search, the average Google user searches up to 4 questions a day. He/she clicks twice as much on ads as compared to organic listings. Carry out some research on what your clients respond to best on Google and other similar platforms. This will help you employ PPC ads better by using the insights to boost your SEO strategy and create more relevant content. 

2. Guide Customers Through Your Content Using PPC Ads 

Relying on organic traffic solely to guide your customers through your content can strain your funnel. The content may end up failing to grab attention from those who are ready to buy at the moment. Quality content plays a major role in driving conversion, but it’s not all that you need. To improve your SEO strategy, use PPC to convince customers to take a look at your products and content regularly. This helps to boost the topical on-page content, competitive keywords and well-formatted work. 

Buyers are able to see more content that encourages and motivates them to buy and use your services or products. One of the best ways to deliver great customer experience is in your SEO and PPC strategy is to employ audience- and product-specific ads that take customers to customized landing pages. The pages share call-to-actions, support messages, and headlines. 

3. Use PPC To Get More SERP Traffic 

It’s often regarded as redundant when one pays for ads on SERP that his/her content already ranks. Surprisingly, the double effort helps to improve CTRs, brand awareness, and the chances of customers remembering the products and services they saw after leaving the page. Research also shows that searchers are highly likely to click on paid advertisements and results that appear at the top of the page than those appearing further down. 

The top normally takes 30% of the clicks. Result number 3 only gets 10% as the rate decreases further down. Double listings help to create a brand affinity that boosts CTR of repeat customers. Whenever they are ready to buy, your company or brand is the first thing that pops in their mind. Multiple results entice potential customers to click faster too. 

4. Use Social Media And PPC Ads To Promote Content And Build Traffic Fast 

While SEO content won’t get you huge amounts of traffic overnight, social media and PPC can. PPC and SEM marketing works instantaneously by reaching your potential customers and their communities right where they are – online. This is especially if you just started a new website. Use the Boost Post feature on Facebook to boost content that has received lots of engagement and clicks. This helps to maximize on its momentum and reach. While on social media, don’t just concentrate on your friends alone. Create campaigns that reach out to their friends and similar audiences. 

Use Sponsored Updates on LinkedIn to promote landing pages and long-form content. This works similar to the Facebook Boost Post feature and works even better for B2B companies. Facebook Pixel also helps to track those that visit your blog posts. You can then send ads their way to encourage them to read more of the content you post and even make a purchase. Eliminate ad fatigue by adding creating new content for your social media campaigns. Facebook Pixel is also a great option for promoting content upgrades such as webinars, paid guides, and whitepapers. 

Twitter is also excellent for generating some quick website traffic and backlinks. Craft about 6 tweets with a variety of headlines to promote your content on Twitter. Share the campaigns with your networks. Take note of the top performer and use it to inform long-term titles for the pages in question. Consider using counterintuitive approaches to boost traffic in search campaigns. Use protest and negative keywords for your industry, product or service. These help to busts myths and to show how your product is different from the rest. 

Unleash The Power Of PPC & Strength Of SEO

PPC ads help to boost your SEO marketing strategy by increasing sales, leads, and your brand’s visibility. This doesn’t come without the right strategy. Brands that create a solid plan for utilizing both PPC and SEO are able to create buzz around their products. For PPC, it helps to get the train moving as your SEO gains speed. 

You’re able to get customer engagement from the word go and rank for the relevant keywords. PPC and SEO are a marketing duo with lots of potentials to boost your business. Enjoy the strength of SEO + PPC synergy to help grow your website traffic both quickly and long-term!

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