The Benefits Of Combining SEO And PPC

With every week that goes by, digital marketing is constantly changing and evolving. If there is one area of marketing that has changed the most, it’s SEO and PPC. Once upon a time, these two strategies were seen as being completely separate to each other, but today that is no longer the case, or at least, it doesn’t have to be. 

While SEO and PPC are different in many ways, it can be useful to think of SEO and PPC as non-identical twins, or two sides of the same coin, if you will. The fact is that like twins, these two social media strategies complement each other in a range of ways, and can lead to a much more successful strategy.

Bearing that in mind, what are the best ways to combine SEO and PPC, and what are the benefits of doing so? Read on to find out. 

Additional Exposure 

One of the best benefits of combining SEO and PPC is the that you will gain additional exposure in SERPS (search engine pages). A mistake that many people make is reducing their PPC efforts once a search term ranks highly on Google or other search engines. However, often it’s PPC adverts that are ranking highly on search engine pages, which is why pay per click is recommended for this, so if you get rid of yours, someone else will rank above you. Dominating search engine results will allow you to increase your website’s traffic, as well as making your site seem more credible. 

Sharing Data 

When you run PPC ads alongside organic campaigns, you end up with double the amount of data to analyze. You can use this data to determine which phrases are the most effective, and then use them to optimize your strategy, improving your reach. 

Beat Negative PR 

Every now and then companies fall foul to negative PR, when this happens, damage control is crucial. By combining SEO and PPC, you can ensure that when it comes to beating negative PR, you have every chance of success. For example, say your company sells gluten-free foods, and a scandal breaks that actually some of your products contain gluten after all. By purchasing PPC adverts for common search terms like ‘gluten cake scandal’ you could redirect people back to your website and to a page that talks about the changes your company is making to ensure that it never happens again. This turning negative PR into good PR. 

Boost Social Media Visibility 

The fact is that PPC and SEO can work well when it comes to social media adverts as well, ensuring that the right people are targeted. Using commonly searched phrases and other data, you can use the combination of both SEO and PPC to enhance your company’s social media visibility. 


There you have it, a guide to why combining SEO and PPC can be so beneficial for your business, and why it is something that you should consider trying to see how effective it could be for your brand.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to combine SEO & PPC for maximum marketing mastery.

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