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Email marketing has always been a great way to promote a business and now it became an even more powerful tool for those who want their small business to grow. Year after year it is one of the most dependable marketing methods out there. 

Nowadays, newsletters sent via email are far from being something new and this marketing tool does outperform other digital marketing channels significantly. According to the statistics provided by the Data & Marketing Association and Demand Metric, it has a median ROI of 122%. It is four times higher than other digital marketing channels. Email marketing increases revenue, improves conversions and amplifies awareness. Here are three ways of using email marketing effectively and make your business grow successfully


This method is considered by many to be inappropriate in the business world since it might influence the authenticity of the interactions with the customer. Obviously, it makes sense, however, using email marketing automation correctly can, in fact, help your small business grow. 

A pleasant welcoming email with a certain bonus or coupon can allure first-time customers making them use your services on an ongoing basis. Besides, there is such a benefit as a possibility to follow-up and analyze the tastes and behavior of your audience. 

Implementing marketing automation is worth embracing and we can see this on the example of companies the revenue of which exceeds $5 million. They invest in the quality emailing system and the results are visible. In contrast, owners of the small businesses shy away from the automation, which, in fact, can potentially help the business grow by attracting new customers and keeping those who already used the services. 

According to a recent survey conducted by eMarketer, reminding customers about yourself by means of clever email marketing strategy drives 25% of the revenue on average. 

Constant Contact, an online marketing company that provides email service, reported that for every $1 spent on email marketing, a business owner can expect to gain $38 of revenue on average. 

As we can see, the benefit of the email marketing is such that it is affordable and businesses with limited budgets can use the tool to increase the revenue substantially. 

Artificial Intelligence 

Knowing and fulfilling customer expectations is crucial for the success of any business. If you get to know what experience your customers expect, you will be able to tailor your services to the interests of the buyers. In its turn, this will ensure the constant flow of those who want to purchase the product since you offer exactly what they want. 

For a long time, the most popular tactics was a face-to-face interaction during which it was possible to figure out what exactly a person is looking for. During the one-to-one conversation, it is easy to find out what a person needs and tailor your offer according to the expectations of a prospective buyer. 

With the introduction of email marketing strategy, it became more difficult to push a customer toward a purchase since, most of the time, all you have is his name and an email address. 

In this case, artificial intelligence (AI) can be helpful in figuring out the needs of your email subscribers. 

Artificial intelligence tools can help you, for instance, provide the data on the products that were looked at on your website giving a unique chance to create a targeted email campaign. Besides, customer expectations are constantly changing and keeping up with them might be difficult. AI can analyze what a specific email subscriber wants and this can make it easier for you to offer a relevant product. Obviously, this will attract more customers and will lead to the growth of your company’s revenue. 

Salesforce, which is the world's #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform, recently reported that 57% of the surveyed marketing leaders considered AI crucial in the effective delivering of optimal communication experience. 64% reported that the companies became more focused on providing a targeted and consistent experience across all the channels because of being able to effectively adapt to customers’ interests basing on the data received by means of artificial intelligence. 


According to another survey conducted by the Salesforce, more than a half of the clients and 65% of B2B surveyed consumers were inclined to stop using services of the particular company if the communication between them is not personalized. 

On the other hand, if the customer received a tailored communicative approach, he was more likely to stay with a company and, even more, he would recommend it to other prospective buyers and by this would create new customers for the business. 

To create a personal touch might be difficult for big companies but small or mid-sized businesses can use this powerful marketing tool to their advantage. 

In the beginning, it is important to gather as much data as possible about what your client’s personal preferences are. However, bear in mind that personalization is an ongoing process and monitoring of your clients’ current demands is a must if you want to keep your customer. 

Useful Ideas 

 Keep Up With Trends:  Obviously, when you are a small business, you have too much to deal with but spending extra time, effort and money on studying and implementing latest technologies will help you win and grow with email marketing. 

 Listen To Your Clients Carefully:  Feedback is everything so listening to what your client wants is a key element in the success of any business, especially if you are just starting. Being ignorant thinking that you know better than your client is a huge mistake and will cost you dearly. Above all, take care of your customers and make their experience unique. is a bright example of how professional service can be and how important customer’s needs appear to be for the company. 

 Work On Email Features:  You can add polls to your emails in order to know your subscribers better and tailor your services accordingly. Create automated reminders in your database with the aim of sending, for example, birthday coupons. 

 Take The Most Of Automation & Artificial Intelligence Tools:  AI can now track whether the client reads your email or not, which provides you with the valuable feedback. You get informed that something is wrong and you are losing the customer so before it is too late, you have a chance to send a great offer and make your customer become an active buyer again. 

 Use The Help Of Professionals:  Perhaps, you do not have the time or expertise to correctly use email marketing tactics but this is not a reason to not take advantage of the latest technology tools. It will cost you a certain amount of money but it is definitely worth investing in the campaign, which eventually will bring your more in the long run. 


As you can see, email marketing is a valuable part of the digital marketing strategy for any type of business, regardless of whether you are launching it or want it to grow. It remains one of the best ways to reach the target audience. Wise usage of the innovative tools can help you not only stay afloat but also grow, effectively engage your customers and, as a result, prosper taking your business to the next level. 

I hope you enjoyed this article about how small businesses can beat the competition with effective email marketing.

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