6 Best Tips To Boost Email Marketing Click-Through Rate

best tips boost email marketing click-through rate emailing ctr

Have you been sending tons of emails but seem to not get any results? Don’t stop sending out email blasts. Let us help you improve your email for better email marketing results. 

A high click-through rate (CTR) is more than just sending dozens of emails. An effective piece of email marketing content must be impressive from the subject line down to the closing text. 

With all that, it can be guaranteed that you will have an increase in your email click-through rate. Find out more about how you can boost your CTR with our tips below. 

Let’s begin learning more about email marketing best practices below! 

What Is An Email Click-Through Rate? 

Email Click-Through Rate – it is the number of receivers who take action and actively click on the links in your email after they have finished reading it. 

This data shows the active engagement and performance of your email. Email CTR provides the number of your audience interested in your content throughout the process. 

Measuring engagement is the main goal of click-through rates. You can evaluate the performance in these areas: 

• Email content 
• Link Placement 
• Link Count 
• Media Type 
• Over interest or email fatigue 

The success of your email will matter with your analysis and improvement. The application of the right formulas can guarantee real results for your email campaign. 

How To Measure Your Email-Click Through Rate? 

To figure out your email click-through rate, divide the number of emails you've sent by the people who clicked on your email campaign. The percentage can then be calculated by multiplying the figure by 100. 

The 6 Best Tips To Improve Your Email Click-Through Rate 

There are some smart best practices you should utilize to boost your email list CTR. To make the best out of your email marketing, here are 6 tips can help boost your click-through rate. 

Tip #1 – Give Time On The Subject Lines 

The subject line is the first thing readers get to see when receiving an email. It is essential to catch their attention at this point with something creative. 

With that, it’s important to take time in creating a powerful and striking subject line. Your subject line needs The right subject line can reel in a big chunk of your recipient's list into clicking the email and actually reading it. 

Tip #2 – Create A 3S Copy (Short, Specific & Strong) 

Your copy must possess 3 characteristics: short, specific and concise. These are what your copy should be to be readable and interesting. 

Nobody has time to read a page-long essay email. You wouldn’t want to scare away your readers with an email flooded with text. That’s why it’s best to keep it short and concise. 

When you keep your copy short, you need to be specific about what you want to inform your readers. Get to the point. Aside from that, you need to create a copy that captures your audience and makes them read it all the way. 

Tip #3 – Personalize Your Copy 

In order to attract and keep customers and increase brand loyalty, excellent customer loyalty must be prioritized. 

To gain your customer’s loyalty, you need to have a connection with them. You can begin this connection on your email copy. 

Making your email copy personal will give your reader a sense of importance and value. You can personalize your greetings by using the recipient's name and closing with an actual name. 

Aside from that, keep your copy in a conversational tone. Write to them as if you are actually talking to them. This will make your reader feel more involved, welcomed and connected to you. 

Tip #4 – Optimize For Mobile Phones 

The gadget used to read your email also decides how recipients reply to your email. In basic terms, when a sender doesn’t optimize an email for a mobile device, the recipient has to struggle to read it. 

Where do you suppose such an email will land? Most likely in the trash folder, consequently dipping the click-through rate. That’s why it’s vital to take the time and develop a mobile-friendly email for your marketing outreach. 

Tip #5 – Include A Social Sharing Option 

According to a number of studies, emails containing even a single social sharing button can yield a higher click-through rate. CTR is suggested to be 30% greater than those that do not contain such a button. 

When there are more than three different sharing choices, there is a 55% more than the normal surge in the CTR. 

This means that even if the initial recipient doesn't think it will be useful to them, they can forward it to a friend. They might possibly share it with someone who needs it more. 

It is made much simpler if you include a button for social sharing, and the click-through rate on your emails can increase as a result. 

Tip #6 – Use A Single And Interesting Button 

Only include one call to action (CTA) in your email to keep the reader's attention focused on a single goal. Also, make sure that your email copy leads the reader to take action stated in the CTA. 

CTA placement is also vital in getting a high CTR. For a guaranteed improvement on your CTR, position your CTA on the right side of the email. 

Aside from the right placement, you must specify that your CTA button is the CTA. Design or highlight the CTA button to catch the reader’s attention to click on it. 

Boost Your Email Marketing CTR Right Now 

Use your email marketing and emailing lists to your advantage. Get the best of the digital world and conquer digital marketing in the palm of your hands. Connect with more people and make more sales. 

Got some insights on email marketing CTR and CTA? Let us hear them on social media, and ensure you share this article link along with your experiences!

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