How To Make Better Small Business Health Insurance Decisions

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As I mentioned in my recent blog post, providing your employees with comprehensive and affordable health insurance plans is usually a lengthy and stressful process. As someone who has been an employer, a manager, and an employee at several small businesses, I can certainly relate to the challenges faced by all parties involved. I know it's hard enough being a small business owner without adding the often times complicated task of sifting through countless insurance plans. It can feel like you're searching for a needle in a haystack. Finding a helpful partner throughout this process can help to save hours of confusion and frustration while drastically improving results.

Luckily for all of us, with UnitedHealthCare Small Business health insurance you can make a highly informed decision incredibly fast. The well-designed user interface and design takes less than 20 minutes total. The process is easy to navigate and a helpful coverage adviser is available to help answer any of your questions as you find the plans in your area.

To help you even further I've created a Quick 5-Step Guide for finding the perfect plans that you and your employees are seeking on UnitedHealthcare's website:

1) Get Started With UnitedHealthcare 

First head over to the UnitedHealthcare Small Business website and start by simply entering your company's zip code or city. Plans aren't currently available in all states, so if your state isn't covered then you can instead contact an adviser for more options. 

Next, just enter the number of employees in your company and the date that you'd like your coverage to begin. 

Pretty easy so far right? 

2. Find The Right Medical Plans For You & Your Employees 

A variety of high quality medical plan options will load after you input your basic information. For user convenience, you can organize these plans by Deductible, Network, or Metal Tier (ranked Bronze, Silver, and Gold by UnitedHealthcare). And if you are unfamiliar with the insurance terminology (as many are!) like deductibles, co-pays, etc then you can click "Learn More" for a simple explanation.   

You can choose to offer all of the available plans to your employees or you can pick and choose. The more plans you include, the greater the number of choices your employees will have. Choice is crucial!

Keep in mind the specific needs of your diverse employees. A young and healthy employee in their 20's or 30's will often opt for plans with lower premiums and higher co-pays, since they don't usually need as much medical help. Older employees or those with families will typically choose a moderate or higher premium plan with a lower cost of care because they might have more doctors visits and prescriptions. I'd recommend choosing at least one plan with lower premiums, one plan with moderate premiums, and one plan with higher premiums for this reason. 

You can also add dental and/or vision plans that employees would pay for, or work with an adviser if you'd like to pay for a portion of them. Employees and potential employees usually expect these benefits in today's day and age so don't neglect them!

3. Import Or Input Employee Details 

Now it's time to put in the most important information: your employee data such as name, initials, zip code, age, gender, spouse, and children. This is often a tedious process with other insurance companies but UnitedHealthcare allows you to easily import from software programs like Xero, Excel, or Quickbooks. This alone can save you hours of work that you can devote to your growing business instead! You will be then be prompted to create an account if you haven't already. 

You're already more than halfway done!

4. Decide On Your Company's Monthly Budget

One of the best features is that you can set the amount that you will be contributing to the plans each month. The plan costs are fixed for you which is crucial for staying on budget. Contribute a larger amount to reward existing employees / attract new employees or contribute less if you have a lean operation on a tight budget. 

Having complete control of your costs is obviously ideal as a small business owner and it also gives you piece of mind. 

Only 1 more step!

5. Conveniently Confirm & Checkout

Now you just need to review and approve your plans! A helpful coverage adviser will make sure you're set up in UnitedHealthcare’s systems and customize your coverage as needed. It's that simple to get the coverage that fits your budget and your employees' needs!

Employers that offer 6 or more plans can also let employees use the Employee Fit Finder tool. This is a great interactive tool that helps them narrow their plan choice by asking them questions about their family and lifestyle. One size doesn't fit all so it's critical to offer a variety of comprehensive plans.

You're done, great job! Your employees will thank you!!

If you have any questions or need any assistance, the helpful folks at UnitedHealthcare are there to help via phone or email. 

Stop putting off this important process and stop stressing out. Start it now at and you can thank me after!

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how to make better small business health insurance decisions.

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