Beware Fitness Industry Advertising Gimmicks!

        The fitness industry today is a trillion dollar quasi-regulated gorilla. In a decade, this will most likely become a multi-trillion force in the world. Evidence of this industry’s influence is everywhere you look and affects many facets of daily life including health care, politics, athletics, leisure, entertainment, self-esteem, business, fashion, and food. Overall I see this boom as very positive because the general public is becoming more aware and informed about the myriad benefits of nutrition, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. Doctors are finally recognizing and harnessing the medicinal power of a healthy diet and a proper exercise program. The gym has become a haven for those looking to get rid of stress in a productive and beneficial manner. This fitness boom has created almost countless benefits to civilized society.

         Unfortunately, such an explosion of industry growth is never without its negative impacts. Many components of the industry are currently not as well regulated as they could be. Also, much of the information that we absorb from the fitness industry is severely biased. Product advertisements and marketing techniques tend to distort the true efficacy of various fitness-related products. There are all-in-one pieces of exercise equipment that promise a toned body with only four minutes of exercise per day. There are electrodes that you attach to your stomach that promise a ripped six pack while you sit on the couch eating Cheetohs. Diet pill ads show individuals losing 40 lbs in a month with their product. Weightlifting workouts in various magazines promise men an added two inches to their biceps. The list goes on forever. While some of these claims may be at least partially true, most of them are complete exaggerations. Many of these companies will say anything they can to sell their products. Like everything else in this world, it comes down to the Almighty Dollar. It is truly a “Buyer Beware” market out there and the most important thing a fitness enthusiast can do is to stay educated.

        There is so much that fitness can offer a person whether you are eighty years old and have never worked out a day in your life, or you are an elite athlete looking to optimize performance. Just don't fall for the marketing gimmicks (or straight up lies) that could end up backfiring and actually harming you instead. Remember to stay healthy and stay informed! Choose science over flashy ads and too-good-to-be-true promises.

Published By Michael J. Schiemer
Owner & Marketing Consultant
Frugal Business Digital Media
Boston, Massachusetts & New England

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