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For the last decade I've been asked daily about social media marketing, digital media, entrepreneurship, search engine optimization, retail sales, social selling, and many other topics through various outlets. These business questions come through my website, social media platforms, forums like Medium / Quora / Reddit / Google /, and other outlets. When I have a lot of information to share on a particular subject I'll usually write an in-depth answer in the form of an article here... but I don't always have the time. Sometimes I just give a quick answer, or whatever initially comes to mind without prepping or brainstorming. 

This series is actually ending up feeling a bit like hustling entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk's book #AskGaryVee (which I'm finishing now before posting a review), but I've actually been doing this for years with previous businesses. My first Bootstrap Business Blog Blitz was a big hit so I'm going to make this a mainstay on this site. This will be my second installment of Bootstrap Business Blog Blitz, tackling quick questions from readers, viewers, peers, and friends. 

You'll also see plenty of internal links throughout which bring you to full length articles I've written on the subject or supplementary articles. Here we go...

Why am I getting incessant Facebook friend requests from complete strangers? This has only been happening for the last month. I used to only get around one spam friend request every few months. Now, I'm suddenly getting 2-3 friend requests every day from complete strangers all around the world.

They could be acquaintances you’ve met at some point in your life from school, work, past residence, business, networking event, vacation, etc that you’ve forgotten about but it doesn’t seem like that’s the case. It sounds like they are most likely spam / fake accounts or people just trying to connect with as many accounts as possible (for the purpose of growing their online business reach… whether spammy or legitimate). If you become friends with one of these spam accounts then you might receive more of them, since you now could have a “friend” in common with them. Spam accounts often come in groups created or managed by the same person. It’s happened to me quite often over the 12 years I’ve had Facebook, and there are several solutions and precautions to take. 

The primary solutions you should utilize include reporting the accounts as fake and then blocking them right after that. Within a day or two Facebook will remove the account if they do agree it’s against their terms and conditions. If they don’t, at least you’ll have them blocked. Do not display your email address, date of birth, or other personal information on your profile. Don’t click on their links or any app invitations they send you. Keep your friend’s list available only to you or your friends. Keep any pictures private or visible only to your friends. 

I also have a Facebook Profile Precautions article I wrote after about the 10th time that somebody used my pictures to impersonate me and harass both random people and my contacts. I hope it will be helpful to you and many others.

Do you prefer Instagram or Snapchat?

Both, but which one you focus on the most will depend on your target demographic. Snapchat’s biggest user base consists of teenagers and twenty-somethings, although that has been shifting a bit this past year. Instagram hits a much wider audience, including consumers with a lot more spending power. Instagram also drives traffic directly to your websites and provides more detailed analytics. It’s just more versatile than Snapchat at this point, and in my experience I’ve driven much greater exposure, website visits, leads, and (most importantly) sales from IG than Snapchat. That all being said, if you decide to pursue both options or focus more on Snapchat, here is a free article I wrote earlier this year on Snapchat Social Selling Suggestions.

How do I unlike tweets that are already deleted?

If the tweet is deleted then that automatically deletes all favorites and retweets associated with it. The only thing that could remain would be a screenshot of the tweet (or notification feed) showing that you favorited or retweeted it while it was live.

Which Instagram accounts are most popular with young people?

Established YouTuber accounts are very popular among teenagers and pre-teens, and they often associate with them even more than actors on traditional television shows or movies. And of course younger pop stars and pro athletes will always be popular with teens and tweens.

What is a product that anyone can realistically sell?

Collectibles, media, and general items can be found in your attic, basement, garage sales (for next to nothing), or even free and can be sold on Amazon or eBay. You could even charge to clean out somebody’s home and if they just want to get rid of the items (with their permission obviously) then you can utilize the ones with any value. I made tens of thousands of dollars selling items I got for pennies on the dollar or free. Collectibles and media items (books, DVD’s, CD’s, video games, video game systems, computer parts) are all usually cheap and easy to ship which is key when trying to make a profit off these lower margin items.

Keep your questions coming and I'll keep answering!

I hope you enjoyed this article focusing on the social media questions that are important to you.

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