Is Being Multilingual Helpful To Academic Learning?

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There are some people who are lucky enough to live in a society who have only a single language which is spoken, understood and communicated by the masses. The United States is a country like that although Spanish has become increasingly influential and there are concentrated areas where French is also spoken. The rest of the world, which is more than half of the world, can speak in more than one language. It is difficult to define exact statistics on how much of the world can speak more than one language. This is because there are new languages and communities which are still yet to be studied. Most statistics quote that more than 50% of the world can speak more than one language. In Russia alone there are between 130 to 200 different languages and dialects which are being spoken. So what are the benefits of being multilingual for learners and academics along with the international business community? To find out more about how you can use multilingualism to enhance both your company and your position as a powerful business leader, click here.

Recognizing Idioms & Phrases 

The first advantage of being a multilingual person is being able to identify idioms and phrase in a language. Some words have a literal connotation while other expressions and colloquialisms take on a figurative meaning when combined together. The ability to understand more than one language provides useful insight into customary phrases which may take on a double meaning. Idioms and phrases often have origins from other languages as well. This makes it easier for a multilingual individual to identify exactly what is being implied by an expression. People who have been speaking a single language all their life will find it difficult to understand the meaning and background of phrases which do not take on a literal meaning. Just like a leopard can’t change his spots, the comparison of the monolingual will be that of a person trying to get down to brass tacks. It's always crucial to speak the language of the customer or audience regardless of the medium you are presenting them through. 

Connecting IQ With Bilingualism 

The ability to understand two different languages gives an individual more than one perspective of looking at the same thing. In a certain case, a view from a different language may be applicable to the same object. A person who only understands one language will not be able to approach any subject with the same level of diversity as a bilingual or multilingual person. A dissertation proposal written by a multilingual person will approach the subject in a more comprehensive manner. If the level of education of two individuals is the same and one of the persons is multilingual while the other has a single mother tongue. The multilingual person will be smarter. The multilingual will be able to approach the subject with views and perspectives which may be completely foreign and outlandish for the monolingual individual. 

Correlation Of Memory With Multilingualism 

Human memory tries to associate new concepts with concepts the mind already understands. This makes recalling new ideas easier. It is easier for the mind to understand new concepts if it has a large database of established concepts to rely on. There have been various experiments performed to establish that multilingualism boosts the brain at all ages. The multilingual will be able to refer to specific cues and references based on each language to remember things better, along with improved communication overall. The memory of a multilingual will be surpassed by a monolingual person in two ways. The first is that they will accurately remember the correct concepts since they can associate each concept with a wide variety of established ideas based on each language. And second, they will be able to remember a larger quantity of specific thoughts and theories pertaining to a single concept. 

Multilingual Professionals Earn More 

A multilingual person is a huge asset for an organization or corporation. The performance of a manager who can only understand a single language will pale in comparison to a manager who can understand multiple languages. The multilingual manager will be able to easily manage staff with a dissonant background. Individuals can use this to their language skills to their advantage when applying for jobs. The board of interviewers will definitely have some unique questions for the multilingual. If the multilingual understands an exotic language which is difficult to find a speaker of that language in that region, the person can use this to their advantage. The best thing about being bilingual is job security. Finding a replacement in a short period of time will be difficult for the organization. This will make the individual a prized asset for all the members of a company. 

As a conclusion, we can say that being multilingual will help students most and will greatly impact over personal statement when applying for a job in any reputable industries. The job will be highly secured and the person will be getting valued in the view of higher management.

I hope you enjoyed this article about whether being multilingual is helpful to academic learning and bootstrapped business success.

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