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In the technology-based world in which we live, social media is playing an increasingly important role. While initially social platforms like Twitter and Facebook were primarily used to share information with friends and family, businesses have been successfully implementing them into their marketing strategies. This is especially true for startups that usually don't have the resources to compete in the expensive traditional marketing arena. Here are 5 powerful social media marketing ideas for your startup to get your business started off on the right track. 

Freebies & Promotions 

Everyone loves free stuff. It is because of this that you will want to consider offering freebies and giveaways to increase your social media marketing campaign success. If your startup is planning to sell a product, then there are few better ways to get it into the hands of consumers than by giving it away for free. This does not mean that you must hand out freebies to every user, but instead, have a contest where a member of the audience can win a free demo. In the case that the winner enjoys the product, they will be apt to share their experience and this could entice more buyers. 

Trivia And Games 

Placing simple trivia questions on your startup's social media account can be a great way to keep the attention of the audience. These trivia questions can be based on the services of the startup or they can be random questions. In the end, the idea is that prospects and customers find the posts interesting enough to submit an answer, as this could lead to further engagement and curiosity in the company. Not to mention, learning interesting tidbits of trivia to share with friends is usually fun for everyone. 

Share Employee Photos 

This may come as a surprise, but including photos of the employees can go a long way in creating a startup that customers can relate to. When using social media, post pictures of the workers engaging in activities outside of the office environment, and refrain from using standardized profile pictures. For instance, you may want to share photos of employees attending birthday parties or golf outings. By showing workers in a personal light, customers will be able to see your company in a more humanized light. 

Customer Feedback 

Getting the opinions of customers on the products or services that are offered can help a business to address areas that need improvement. More importantly, it shows the consumer that the company is sensitive to their needs. Consider posting a short questionnaire with a few product related questions where customers can provide valuable feedback

Limit the Number of Platforms 

Each social media platform has qualities that make it more viable in certain situations than others. For example, if you are looking to communicate with the audience in a few short sentences, then Twitter may be the wisest choice. While if your goal is to share photos, you may want to strategically use Pinterest or Instagram. If you enjoy going live, perhaps you'd like to utilize Periscope (via Twitter) and / or Snapchat. However, making use of too many social media platforms can potentially be problematic. With numerous accounts, businesses can have a difficult time keeping up with posts and engaging users. When implementing a social media strategy for your startup, it is best to start with a few platforms to establish a base before creating more accounts. 

Final Advice On Social Media

Social media platforms are an incredibly powerful tool when trying to market a startup, and they are becoming increasingly popular among businesses. If you are implementing social media into your marketing plan, focus on limiting the number of platforms and use them to gain customer feedback on products. In addition, posting trivia questions and photos of employees can be helpful in growing the user base and attracting more customers. 

Keep these 5 powerful social media marketing ideas in mind and your startup will be well on its way to success. The time to sell on social is here!

With a background in marketing, Jane Bolto currently works as a content marketing specialist and social selling consultant at Nybizdb.com. She is always willing to share her passion for social media and new digital marketing strategies.

I hope you enjoyed this article about effective social media marketing ideas that your lean startup can utilize to grow.

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