A Guide To Hiring An AV Company For Your Next Event

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Choosing an AV company is a crucial aspect that has a significant impact on an event’s success. The right company is not only going to provide the service but will also act as your partner and adviser throughout the process. If you have not had an opportunity to hire an AV company, this article provides a guide to the simple steps you need to take in picking the best AV company for your event. 

Begin By Researching AV Companies 

Canvassing what is out there will help you come up with a list of prospects. When hosting an event, the venue typically offers its in-house AV team to provide the services needed. However, it also helps to compare your options as far as outsourcing is concerned. In addition to booking the venue, hiring an AV company is the next big step. Event production companies that provide the most comprehensive services should be at the top of your list. 

Preparing To Meet With The AV Company You Choose 

After narrowing down your selection, you can proceed with setting up a meeting with the AV rental company chosen. AV companies appreciate clients that provide detailed information, which also means they can give you a more accurate quote on the cost. When you come prepared for the meeting, you will be less likely to encounter curve balls that will throw off the budget your company has set for the event. 

It is also essential to have the same mindset as the AV Company in terms of the goals you wish to achieve: 

 What type of event are you hosting? 
 What kind of guests are expected? 
 What ambience or energy is suited for the event? 
 Do you have visions for the desired event outcome? 

Audio-visual production is critical in setting the right tone throughout the event. During the meeting, you may conduct a brainstorming session with the AV Company so that you can come up with a clear goal on what you intend to see. 

Eliminating Wants And Focusing On Your Needs 

AV production costs can increase quickly if you do not focus on your needs. As you communicate with the AV Company, you need to keep track of the essential services and filter out everything else. Your goals will dictate the trends and technology you wish to incorporate in the production, while at the same time keeping within the budgetary limits. 

Be transparent with the AV company when it comes to your budget. This way, they will be able to realistically meet your expectations and let you know if additional expenses may come up. 

Always provide detailed instructions The last step in the hiring process is to give the AV company as much information and detail as possible. Stay in close contact with them and inform them right away in case there are changes to the time and date of the event. Always have a point of contact with the AV Company and other vendors for the event so that they can also coordinate with each other. Lastly, cover every aspect of the process, including post- event take-down and clean-up.

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