How To Compete Better On Google Ads ROI

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You don’t have to spend big bucks to even out the competition with big spenders in Google Ads. 

Everyone knows that the more money you spend on advertising, the bigger your profit will be. This easily makes bigger businesses, companies, and enterprises become richer by the day as they have more money to spend on marketing and advertising. As the old saying goes, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. This should not be the case as you can actually do something about it. 

Big spenders may have the money but it all ultimately boils down on techniques and practices. To level the field, do take note of the following hot tips and industry hacks that big spenders practice. The secret is not in the amount of money spent but on the level of activity in one’s account. Through these tips, you would realize how simple it is to have enterprise-grade level marketing and advertising in your Google Ads activities without any additional cost at all. You will be surprised that you’d even get better results than they do. You don’t need to spend a lot on Google Ads. You just need to apply better techniques and practices. 

Read on to learn how to beat bigger businesses with AdWords bidding best practices. 

9 Hot Tips That You Should Practice To Be Toe To Toe With Google Ads Big Spenders 

1. Conversion Tracking Is Key 

You are doing it wrong if you don’t have an active conversion tracker. Big spenders dedicate as much as $50k a month for conversion tracking alone. You don’t have to spend as much because setting it up for your website is totally simple and absolutely free. You will only ever spend on it if you need the assistance of an IT expert or a developer. Get your conversion tracker up and running as it can easily tell you if you’re getting all the right attention and if you’re going on the right track! Not having one is as good as wasting all the money you spent on Google Ads! 

2. Level Up With Landing Pages 

Superb landing pages make all the difference. The more promos and offers you have, the more landing pages you should have as well. People respond to specific prospects and ads that match closely to their needs! If you only have one generic landing page, you’re losing all the many possible leads! Generic landing pages get people confused. Confused people end up leaving. To avoid this, go all out on creating specific and people-friendly landing pages! Expert AdWords consultants in Perth can help you in creating perfect landing pages! 

3. Do Something With Your Conversion Rate 

You should prioritize conversion rate optimization. Ensure that all your keywords are perfect and in tune with your business and offered services. Avoid paying for broad terms. Pay for highly specialized business keywords as it can increase your conversion by leaps and bounds. Once you have people locked in with your specialized keywords, endeavor to prioritize creating an informative, positive, and speedy user experience. Try doing the following: 

1. Similar to your ads, make your headlines compelling! 
2. Have a concise body copy that is targeted. 
3. Research on enticing and eye-catching CTA for your offers! 
4. Make your forms user-friendly and hassle-free 
5. Make your site mobile-friendly 
6. Ensure that your site loads fast 
7. ADVANCED TECHNIQUE: Make your content emotional. Users that get affected on an emotional level proceed with tangible actions like purchasing, scheduling, and booking. 

4. Monitor Your Click-Through Rates 

Click-through rates offer ripe data for the measurement of campaign success. They can be easily improved without the need for spending extra if you’d focus on your content and copy. Aim to improve its relevance and always involve an appropriate call to action. 

5. Boost Your Ad Extensions 

Ad extensions can improve your CTR by mighty amounts! Big spenders enable ad extensions to half of their ads. You could do this by doing routine optimizations and increasing specialized ads. There are numerous ad extensions to choose from! Utilizing them wisely will bring massive growth and improvement. 

6. Use Negative Keywords 

Big spenders use negative keywords and you should use ones too! Utilize search terms reports for this. Add negative keywords with your working keywords to uncover new working keywords that will bring more leads to you! 

7. Expanded Text Ads Will Help You 

When expanding your ads, you should prioritize expanding your text ads. It won’t cost you extra as you just need to apply more effort. You will be surprised at how easy and effective this simple ad extension is. 

8. You Should Aim For High-Quality Scores 

Focus on improving your Google Ads quality score. There is no defined formula for this so you just really need to focus on improving your copy and landing pages. Focus on relevance and user experience with your AdWords ad. 

9. Your Account Should Be Action-Packed 

Big spenders are 1196% more active in their accounts than low spenders. This is something you can level with without spending extra by simply opting to put more actions in your account. As you may already know, your actions should not end upon purchase. Always log in and check for adjustments that can be made. You will have more growth if you would spend more time on your account as you’d be more sensitive to changes, working keywords, and successful ads. 

So, What Happens Now With Your AdWords? 

Endeavor to apply the following hot tips when managing your Google Ads. Always remember that you don’t have to spend more to win in the field. You just need to be patient, persevering, and faithful in applying these strategies and techniques with your AdWords PPC strategy.

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