8 Step Guide on How to Install Metal Roofing

how to install metal roofing installation roof

Does taking care of your home sometimes feel like a full-time job? 

After all, buying a house is a major investment. That's you want to work hard to keep it in the best condition possible. And nothing is more important for keeping your family safe and dry than having a quality roof. 

It's no secret that investing in a new roof can be expensive. Thus you need to choose the right material to protect the interior of your home from wind, rain, and snow. 

This article takes a look at how to install metal roofing. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on the benefits of metal roofing so that you can see why this is one of the best investments you'll ever make. 

8 Steps To Install A Metal Roof

1. Remove Old Roofing 

The first step is to remove the old roofing that's already in place. Why? Because this will provide a better fit for your metal panels and prevent the old material from rotting. 

When removing the old roof material, be sure to pull as many of the nails as possible, or at least hammer down any nails that can't be removed. And if you decide to install the new metal panels over the old shingles, it's a good idea for roofers to install a layer of roofing insulation between the old roof and the new one to prevent cold air from becoming trapped between the two. 

2. Measure Your Roof 

Next, you will need to measure your roof. This will ensure that you buy the properly sized panels. Calculate the slope, and then multiple the area by the slop. This process will provide the total square footage that you'll need to cover for the roofing project. 

It is also a good idea to order 10% more material than you think you need so that you'll be able to accommodate waste. 

3. Install Edging 

You'll need to cover the outline of the roof with metal eave flashing called edging. This can be challenging work, especially where the panels meet bends at the edge of the roofing and where gutters need to be installed on the eaves. 

There is a great source for corrugated aluminum if you check with local suppliers. Bargain with them to find the best price and quality. 

4. Make Sure You Start Square 

Keep in mind that you need to start square. This can't be emphasized enough. Starting out of square will result in a total mess. 

5. Cut Each Panel to Length 

The factory length will likely be too long, so they'll have to be cut to the proper length. Simply flip the panel over, mark the proper measurement on the backside, and then cut along your mark. 

6. Apply Sealant Tape 

Sealant tape helps protect your roof against outside elements. Keep in mind that sealant tape is designed to go between every layer of metal on the roof. 

7. Install Using Exposed Fasteners 

Exposed fasteners are designed to be installed along the center of the pain. It's important to make sure the fasteners thread the sealant tape so that a watertight seal is created. 

8. Install Flashing 

Now you're ready to install the metal flashing. This is the metal trim that fits over the joints where two metal panels meet. This will help keep the roofing dry throughout the year. 

Your Complete Guide On How to Install Metal Roofing 

Keeping the inside of your house warm and dry is an important part of home maintenance. Fortunately, these tips for how to install metal roofing will help make this DIY home improvement project a bit easier. 

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