All About Appeals In Car Accident Injury Cases

appeals car accident injury case lawsuit

On average, the United States alone records around 6 million car accidents every year. The reasons for the accidents can be varied: an intoxicated driver, a slippery road, a vehicle malfunction resulting in loss of control, inattentive driver, or over speeding. In the end, what matters is whether someone lost their life or had to suffer a debilitating injury. The kind of stress induced by such injuries or accidents on the people bearing the harm and their families is indeed very taxing. 

What follows is an excruciating routine of medical treatments that bring in mounting medical bills followed by other bills. Here is what to know about the appeals process in car crash injury cases.


When a person is on the road, they are under a responsibility to protect not only themselves but also others from any harm. Negligence in such situations is unacceptably criminal. For your loss and the harm that you have been subjected to, there are ways to proceed to look for compensation. The law allows you to seek compensation and institute negotiations with the other party involved. The negotiations and the compensation are heavily reliant on the extent of the damage caused to the body and the vehicle and some other factors, including body injury liability insurance that the other driver carries. 

Specialized Attorney 

The smartest thing to do would be to hire an attorney who particularly specializes in car crash cases. It is best to hire firms as they deal with such issues daily and are professionals. Different car accident law firms Atlanta, GA are very popular within the United States and can significantly help you. If you have insured your vehicle, contact your insurance company through your attorney instead of contacting them on your own. Insurance companies are not too easy to deal with; therefore, it is wise to let a professional lawyer deal with them. 

Statute Of Limitation 

While seeking compensation from the other driver, you can ask compensation for the medical bills, the damage caused to the vehicle, loss of wage or income, or the pain caused. Another very important thing that must be kept in mind is the Statute of Limitations. Statute of Limitation requires the person to act within a certain limit of time decided by the law. To decide whether the person wants to pursue the case in a court of law and get the compensation they rightfully deserve. Failure to act within the time limit set by the Statute of Limitations will lead the case towards instant dismissal and the person will never be able to acquire compensation, at least through legal channels. 

Comparative Fault 

Sometimes, both drivers tend to be at fault. In such conditions, compensation is determined by the degree of fault. What each driver was doing before the collision must be considered and understood to decide the compensation accordingly. You are only eligible for compensation if your percentage of fault is less than 50%. If you are at least 50% at fault, then you receive nothing. In such conditions, the higher the percent of fault (but below 50%), the lesser will be the compensation. 

Car Crash Case Conclusion

Motor vehicle accidents can indeed be traumatizing, causing financial, physical, and mental stress, but there is always a way around a situation to deal with it legally. A good attorney must be your prerogative while dealing with car crash situations at all costs.

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