SEO: Organic vs Non-Organic Practices

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When the average person hears the terms "organic" or "non-organic," chances are likely that his first thought will be of shopping around in a grocery store. Society has developed to the point that people know what these terms mean and how they come into play in daily life. While knowledge of organic and inorganic has grown with time, you would be surprised by how many business owners are clueless when it comes to applying these adjectives to their organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Whether you happen to have an online business or just a website that you wish got more traffic, the information provided below can give you a good idea for how to make the most out of your time and money in bolstering where you place in search engines. 

What Is SEO? 

SEO is a strategy designed to make your website show up as early in search results as possible. The logic goes that the earlier a website shows up, the more traffic that site will get. There are two main approaches to SEO: organic and non-organic. 

Organic / Natural SEO 

While organic SEO can take more time to pull off, the extra time spent researching and laying it down will pay off with far greater results. This strategy involves techniques like building a steady stream of content, linking, using the best meta-tags and keywords. 


• You get long-term results 
• It is easy on the wallet 
• It accounts for 80% of all search traffic. 


• Results take a while to make themselves known 
• It can be complicated to engineer 
• Your results can unpredictable 

Tip: Blogs are a cheap and easy way of boosting organic SEO ranking. 

Non-Organic / Artificial SEO 

This type of SEO is quick to pull off and is great for a sudden jump in rankings. However, just like when you drink coffee for energy, that spike in attention is going to crash down in effectiveness far sooner than with organic SEO methods. This approach involves paid ads, pay- per-click (PPC) ads and paid affiliate marketing. 


• You see the effects very quickly 
• It is perfect for focusing on your customers 
• It is great for raising awareness of your particular brand 


• It is not cheap 
• This is a high-maintenance approach 
• Failure to continue investing in this method will result in your rankings taking a plummet. 

What Is Best SEO For My Business? 

With small businesses, it is best that you focus on your organic SEO first. While investing in non-organic SEO is not a bad idea, you should be very careful with which campaigns you decide to invest in. Do not focus on synthetic ways of bolstering your traffic and rank. Focus on producing quality content rather than coming up with paid advertisements. 

In the case of large businesses, chances are good that you have enough capital to put more work into non-organic SEO. While you should not ignore the benefits of organic SEO, as it attracts much of your search traffic, a slew of paid ads will keep customers coming.

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