4 Ways To Boost Online Ad Performance

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The success of any business hinges on the ability to advertise extensively and efficiently. One of the prime spaces to promote extensively is through online channels. Online advertisers use Google Ads to pass the information related to their products to a target audience. You can use Google Ads on several online platforms such as social media, websites, and YouTube. 

The term advertising may sound simple, but there is much to do to level up your ads’ clickthrough rate (CTR) and boost leads to your eCommerce store or website. Thus, you may need to have experts do the work for you who know the tricks of online ad performance. By outsourcing Google Ads management services, you stand to benefit from bespoke ad strategies, conversion tracking, dedicated account managers for your campaigns, and daily reporting. 

To help you improve the performance of your ads online, here are proven and tested tips for you: 

1. Split Test Your Ad Copy 

Split testing is more or less like a mock marketing campaign. It is a critical strategy to know how your marketing campaigns are likely to perform before running the actual campaign. With split testing experiments, you need to try different types of ad copy. You can create two to three variations of ad copy for every ad. Then, launch the ads together and monitor the performance. 

The ad that garners the most CTRs should be the one you prefer. Thus, switch off ads that aren't performing well to remain with the one that gives you the best traffic results. 

2. Improve Your Quality Score 

The focus of quality score is to unearth strategies to boost your ads, landing pages, and keywords. You can employ the following strategies to increase ad performance: 

• Make Keyword-Relevant Ads 

Ad keyword relevance uses a natural blend of your keywords in the content. It would help if you did not force your keywords to fit into the content. An ad with a relevance rating of ‘Below average’ or ‘Average’ needs review by including subject-relevant keywords. Another aspect of keyword relevance is using keywords that your target audience is likely to use while searching for your products online. 

• Level Up Your CTR 

CTR is the possibility of your target audience clicking your ad. You can boost your CTR by editing the copy of your ad to make your offer more attractive to your target audience, such as a free shipping offer. Your copy should also match the purpose of the keywords. Moreover, you can experiment with your ads using different calls to action linked to your landing page. Some appropriate CTA words include ‘get a quote, buy, try, sell, sign up, order, and browse.’ 

• Update Your Landing Page 

Visitors’ good experience online with your website is an essential aspect. It can attract your visitors to take the desired action. You can give your visitors a fruitful experience on your landing page by offering them what they need. For instance, if your visitors are looking for wristwatches, your landing page should feature a variety of watches. 

To gauge the effectiveness of your landing page, you can try the conversion rate tool, which helps you know if your landing page is well optimized. Additionally, you can create a mobile-friendly website and landing page. You may follow up with a mobile-friendly test to identify the effectiveness of your landing page on mobile devices. 

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3. Use Appropriate Ad Extensions 

There are many types of ad extensions. However, not all can help you in every marketing campaign you do. Leveraging the most suitable ad extensions can quickly improve your CTR. 

Frequently used ad extensions by marketers include sitelink ad extensions, call extensions, promotion extensions (monetary discount, a percentage discount, up to percentage discount, and up to monetary discount), and price extensions. 

4. Use Intelligent Bidding Strategies 

Automation has completely transformed the marketing industry, and Google Ads is not exempt from that. The advantage of automation is that it helps you leverage smart bidding, whereby Google automates when your ads need to target your audience. You’re likely to enter into precise and more targeted auctions for a better CTR with automation. When you use smart bidding well, it can drastically improve your ad performance. 

The advantage of intelligent bidding is that it uses machine learning technology to change the bids of your keywords for every auction. Meanwhile, changing keyword bidding manually can be a nightmare. 

Final Thoughts On Optimizing Online Ads

Online marketing is essential if you would like to increase your leads and sales. Hence, you should invest extensively in ad marketing. For the best results, monitor and level up the performance of your ads by using appropriate extensions and using intelligent bidding strategies. You can also split test your ads and improve the quality score. Furthermore, ensure that you update your landing page.

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