Top 10 Most Popular Promotional Products For Businesses

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Your business will go a long way if you would effectively use promotional products. They effortlessly make customers feel good about your service and your brand. This kind of sense of community and warmth is something that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. If you are still confused as to which kind of promotional products to give away, we have just the perfect article for you. 

We interviewed marketing experts to come up with this definitive list of the most popular and effective promotional products. Do consider giving away one or more of the items on this top 10 list to secure an optimized and solid marketing plan. 

10 Best Promotional Products For Business Branding

1. Face Masks 

Studies revealed that 65% of people prefer wearing branded masks on a weekly basis. Masking is slowly becoming the new normal. We are still in the middle of a global pandemic and masking is still one of the best ways to go about securing our wellness and health. People would appreciate it greatly if you would give away high-quality masks that they could use again and again. As there is plenty of space for the placement of your brand logo, you would have so much fun coming up with unique designs. You can even create seasonal and limited edition masks that you can release during special occasions and seasons. 

Face masks are admittedly a lot less popular in 2023, but there are still hundreds of millions of people that wear them consistently around the world.

2. Outerwear 

Outerwear giveaways are also fantastic because they are something that your customers can use and wear again and again. You would also have so much fun when it comes to designing and customizing each item. Outerwear will always be a supreme promotional product as its marketing capacity is limitless. As they are worn by people, your brand can reach places and people that you never even thought you would get to connect with. With outerwear, you would be making endorsers and brand promoters out of your customers. 

3. Drinkware

The drinkware market is valued at over $25 million according to Drinkware Market Size and Share on It is an ever booming industry and it is set to get even bigger and bolder. This is the case because more and more people now fully get the importance of having a healthy lifestyle through constant and consistent hydration. Your customers will love you and always remember you if you’d give high-quality drinkware that they could use again and again. 

4. Desk Accessories 

Desk accessories are ideal promotional giveaways because they are highly effective in making your customers remember you. For an optimized giveaway, opt for desk accessories that your customers would get to use again and again. Opt for neutral colors to ensure that they easily match the existing desk of your customers. Lamps, paperweights, organizers, and stationeries will always be fantastic. When designing, make it a point that your brand logo is not as big but is seen clearly. 

5. T-Shirts 

T-shirts will never go out of style when it comes to promotional giveaways. Customers always feel extra special and appreciated when they receive a free t-shirt because it is something that is fully functional and can be used again and again. Having customers wear promotional t-shirts is a top marketing strategy as your branded shirts will make walking billboards out of them. 

6. Bags 

Bags are perfect promotional products because they can be used by both men and women. As they are highly functional, your customers will greatly appreciate the prime convenience that your promotional giveaway offers. You’d also enjoy customizing them as they come in different designs and colors. If you’re looking for a custom branded backpack supplier in Perth, check out the services of Bladon WA. They have over three decades of experience in the industry so you can be sure that you’d have access to the flawless provision of customized promotional giveaways. 

7. Hats 

People still love hats as promotional giveaways. Hats will always be fun, quirky, and functional. They are ideal promotional giveaways because they can be used again and again on many different occasions. You would love how people will greatly appreciate your giveaway hats as it will give them more hat options and add to their hat collection. Sometimes, one can just not have too many hats! 

8. Calendars 

Calendars as promotional giveaways have a special charm because they are highly functional. It makes your customers feel that your brand is informed, responsible, reliable, supportive, and engaged in bettering their lives. They will effortlessly think of you and the service you provide whenever they see your calendar giveaway. You would enjoy designing and customizing calendars because there are many formats, styles, and sizes to choose from. Level things up by incorporating coupons and discount codes on random months. 

9. USB Drives 

It is impossible to exist today without owning a flash memory drive. Data transfer, storage, and sharing is something that is already part of our daily lifestyle --- may it be for school, work, or leisure. This is why your customers will greatly appreciate your gesture if you give away USB drives as promotional items. They are used every day and can be brought anywhere so you can be sure that your brand gets much exposure 24/7. 

10. Writing Instruments 

You can always opt to give away pencils and pens. If you want to go big, you can even giveaway markers. They are highly effective and popular promotional item giveaways because they are highly functional and of use every single day. They work subtly and effectively in promoting your brand as customers won’t be able to help but think of you whenever they use your giveaway writing instrument. 

Promotional Product Power 

When it comes to branding on a budget, promo products are powerful. It is time your company used branded merch promo items more often.

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