7 Important Reasons For Learning Java

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The IT industry has experienced amazing and quick growth, especially when it comes to the demand for specialists. Even with the dynamic industry and many changes, Java has remained popular through all generations. Java is a must-learn for anyone who wants to be multi talented in the IT industry and is requested by many tech companies. 

But what makes Java so popular? Let’s find out more about this coding language with 7 insights below. 

Why Java Is A Great Language To Learn 

There are a lot of reasons why Java remains an important language for anyone in the IT industry to learn, even in the modern digital age of Web 3.0. The language is transferable, flexible, and always in demand around the world. Learning Java will be one of the best decisions you would have made for your career in programming, especially if you want to move forward in the IT industry. Here are some reasons why Java is a great language for anyone to learn today. 

Easy To Learn 

Firstly, Java is very easy to learn. Anyone can learn Java, whether they have been programming with other languages for a long time or they are new to programming. Regardless, you can get a hang of this language after a few weeks to months, depending on your skill level. 

Java is beginner-friendly, which makes it even easier to learn. It evolved from C++ and C, two popular languages which are also widely used among programmers. Even with this, it has been upgraded to become easier to learn than these two languages. It handles complicated tasks like pointers and memory management, so new programmers can write and run it easily. Because of its object-oriented approach, the newest developers can learn how to use it and avoid errors in their future work. 

Since Java is easy to learn, you can start by reading the best Java books for beginners. We advise you to have a look at list books on CodeGym Blog

High Demand 

Another reason why Java is important for any developer to learn is its high demand. As one of the most popular languages in the world, it is not surprising that it is used by millions of developers and runs on billions of devices. Thus, every company will require Java programming skills when hiring developers, as there are tens of thousands of openings with this requirement worldwide. 

Because of this high demand, Java developers are the highest paid in the IT industry and also the most sought after. 

It Has Few Limitations 

Java is a cross-platform programming language with very small limitations, which means it can be applied on almost every technological platform. It is used to build e-commerce websites, scientific apps, big data technologies, high-frequency financial trading platforms, and even for the Internet of Things. 

Ninety percent of Fortune 500 companies, ranging from technology, healthcare, and education to government, finance, and defense, use Java for their backend structure. The language can be found in a wide range of industries and runs on more devices than any other language. 

Rich API 

Another reason why Java is a great language to learn in the age of Web 3 is its rich API. It features three types of API – the official Java core API, unofficial API, and the optional official Java API. Because of its rich Application Programming Interface, the language can construct different apps and platforms. 

The good thing is that it can do this without knowing its internal structures and implementations. The Java API features different packages, classes, and interfaces. 

Deep Community Support 

With more than nine million developers worldwide, Java has deep community support that can encourage any newbie. Since it has one of the biggest tech-savvy communities in the world, you can learn from them all, apart from your formal training. 

Whenever you’re stuck or you have a question, you can turn to online communities like GitHub and Stack Overflow. Developers usually do better when they are part of a community of others who are willing to share knowledge. 

Open Source 

Java has an impressive collection of Open Source  projects, which is another reason why you shouldn't sleep on this language. It is supported by libraries including Google Guava, Apache Commons, Maven, and JHipster. 

By using these resources, which can be copied, changed, studied, and even shared, you can make Java development much straightforward, quicker, and cheaper. 

Wide Range Of Developmental Tools 

Finally, there is an extensive range of developmental tools for assistance that are compatible with Java. They include Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, Netbeans, Android Studio, and more. These integrated developmental environments give developers different facilities, adding to the success of Java. 

These facilities include syntax highlighting, language support, debugging, code completion, automatic refactoring, and more, meaning you can code faster and easier. 

Wrap Up 

Java will continue to be a popular and useful language for all developers as time goes on and the IT industry continues to change. For these reasons, no disadvantage comes with learning the Java coding language today.

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