10 Best Small Business Apps To Improve Productivity

best small business apps

This past year, 30.2 million small businesses existed in the United States. Each small business is looking for a way to keep up with their competition or gain an advantage.

Behind each one of those small businesses is a smart, focused entrepreneur. But behind every entrepreneur are tricks and tools that help their business stay successful. And the best of those tricks and tools are app development services. Mobile applications are a big deal for businesses.

Yes, there's an app for everything, even for running small businesses. Keep reading to learn about the most helpful small business apps in addition to https://litslink.com/app-cost-calculator for improving company productivity. 

10 Top Small Business Mobile Applications

1. Workfrom

Workfrom is one of the best business apps that can benefit anyone. 

This app allows you to search for available workplaces in your area. So if you just started your business and don't have office space yet, you can still work in a productive environment. This top business mobile application is also a great resource if you allow your workers to participate in remote work. 

Workfrom shows rankings and reviews from other workers who have used a space. You can search for a workspace based on certain criteria, such as free wifi or private workspaces. 

2. Evernote

Evernote is one of the most popular business apps. It allows you to take your note taking to the next level. 

This app lets you create to-do lists, notes, and lists on the go. The best feature is the synchronization between all your devices. So if you get a great idea while riding the subway, you can jot it down quickly and readdress it when you get to your computer. 

Evernote allows you to make your notes with more than just text. You can add in voice recordings and photos to fully show an idea. 

3. RescueTime

RescueTime is one of the best new apps to help your small business. 

RescueTime tracks how much time you spend on different digital sites. So if you often find yourself without enough hours in the day, turn on this app and see exactly where you are wasting your time. 

You can set productivity goals, block time-wasting sites, and even receive notifications if you have been on a certain site for longer than you should be. 

4. Slack

Slack is a great app to streamline all your business communication. It's like taking AIM from the old days and revamping the experience into a business tool.

You can add as many employees or clients into a specific workplace. Inside the workplace, you can create different channels, such as sales team or business-wide memos. You can also communicate directly with employees in a private chat. 

If you're looking for a more customized business communication method, learn how to create an app to easily get exactly what you want. 

5. World Time Buddy

When looking for essential business apps, World Time Buddy stands out from the crowd. 

You'll never lose business again because of different time zones and missed meeting times. Enter all your important conference calls and meetings into this app. World Time Buddy then creates a schedule that accounts for different time zones. 

This is a great resource if you are often traveling for business or have clients scheduling appointments who live in different time zones. 

6. Trello

Does your small business have several projects and new ideas appearing at the same time? If so, you should try out the app Trello. 

This app acts as a digital whiteboard. You start with one giant board and can add various lists to the board. Often times, the lists represent the stage a project is at, such as brainstorming, financial plan, or implementation. 

Then, each project or idea is represented on a card. You can move the card from one list to another and create notes on the card itself. This is great for organization and keeping track of multiple things at once. 

7. Expensify

If you need help with small business expense tracking, download the Expensify app. 

Expensify allows you to keep track of all your business expenses in one convenient location. If your business has a lot of different revenue sources and money moving in and out, it can get tricky staying on top of your finances. Enter Expensify. 

With this app, you can download all your business receipts and even generate your own receipts. It also provides an easy reimbursement process for all your employees. 

8. Gusto

Gusto is also one of the best business expense tracker apps. This app specializes in the payroll aspect of your business expenses. 

If you aren't an accountant but still are in charge of your employees getting paid, try using Gusto. The app guides you through reporting new hires to the government, collecting taxes, and automating deductions for employee benefits. 

Still struggling with your business expenses even with using apps like Expensify and Gusto? Check out this article for budget tips for the frugal startup. 

9. MailChimp

If your business is consumer-related, you need a great email service to contact your clients. MailChimp is the best email service app out there. 

With MailChimp, you can create several different mailing lists to keep your clients organized. The app also allows you to design and build aesthetically pleasing emails easily with their templates. 

These templates give a professional look that will help put you ahead of your competition. 

But the MailChimp application doesn't stop working once the email is sent out. You can also use the app to keep track of the email's performance. Try different email campaigns and use the performance tracker to see which ones work with your clients. 

10. Headspace

Not all of the best new apps deal directly with business. Headspace is a guided meditation app that can have a huge impact on your small business. 

Workplace stress and mental illness now account for over half of all sick days taken off of work. So incorporating meditation in your workplace can help de-stress your employees and save money on lost work. 

The mobile app allows you to choose from meditations geared for anxiety, focus, stress, or sleep. Make your workplace innovative and start a group meditation session for a certain time each day. 

Beyond The Best Small Business Apps

Now that you know all about the best small business apps, it's time to make this year another great year for your business. 

Use these top business apps to get organized, help handle your finances and effectively communicate with your team. The best business apps are great, but the applications only work well if you use them consistently to grow your small business. 

Looking for more great small business advice and the best small business apps? Be sure to check out more of our blog for the best small business mobile apps tips and digital entrepreneur content

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